10 Unique Pet loss sympathy gift guide

Pets are as same as a beloved human being, that are such an important part of our lives and part of the family. Although their lifespans are brief, they bring joy and playful companionship that make lasting memories. Losing them can definitely cause a painful grieve. Parting with a pet is a difficult experience, and it can be sorrowful to watch a close friend, a family member or a relative go through this.  A pet condolence gift from you at this time shows that you get it, and that you care. 


To help you choose a right gift, we have collected a selection of the best and unique pet loss sympathy gifts on the market for you to choose and send. Most of these sympathy gifts for loss of a dog, cat or horse can be personalized for individual pets.   


It is something people can carry with them. Giving pet owners a personalized necklace to help memorialize the loss of his or her pet may help ease the pain they’re feeling. Owners who are dealing with loss get to keep a small memory close to their hearts at all times with engraved lockets or pendants. To make a necklace an excellent pet loss gift idea, engrave their pet’s name, adoption date or birthday, and a short memorial message to immortalize their memory.

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2. Pearhead Forever In my Heart Pet Memorial Frame

Memorialize sentimental memories for pet owners with this memorial keepsake picture frame. Each time when they look at this picture frame, they’ll definitely have fond memories of the cherished time they had together. Great gift to choose.


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3. Pet Loss Care Package 

It is definitely a thoughtful gift that can show how much you care about your friend or family. The package includes a keepsake paw print pendant, celebrating love booklet, remembrance journal, candle holder, and how to hold a pet memorial ceremony. All of these can be used and memorize the wonderful time the owner spent with the pets.

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4. CJ&M Loss of Pet Keychain

Grieving the loss of a pet becomes so much easier with sentiments such as this one. Each time they feel down, owners can look at this keychain and get through those challenging times.


5. Loss of Pet candle gift

Whenever the owner light the candle, they will be comforted by the warm of the fire. This candle reads, “Forever in our Hearts,” on a black paw print. On the other side, you can also add a personalized message to the person who is grieving. The unique and personalized gift is one of the best choices as a pet loss gift.

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6. Embrace the Outdoors: JHP Dog Memorial Stones, Hand-Printed Heart Shaped 

If you know someone who took their dog on a lot of outdoor adventures or was always outside in their garden or yard with them, this present is an excellent choice during their passing. It’s a weatherproof memory stepping stone made from resin with the look and feel of real stone.

7. Pet portrait

Artwork may be a fitting choice to honor the memory of their deceased dog or cat. A visual reminder of your friend’s dear pet will commemorate its time on earth in a creative way.


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8. A Personalized Book THAT THE KIDS WILL LOVE

A child mourning the loss of a pet is a heartbreaking thing to witness. Fortunately, their adventures with their beloved dog have died or have to end. You can personalize a children’s book through a commission that commemorates their pet, complete with a name, hometown and even a look! With this book, children can revisit their four-legged companions whenever they miss them. This will be one of the best pet loss gift ideas. 

9. Personalized Coffee Mugs

You can also personalize a coffee mug with the owner’s pet’s name and photos. It is absolutely a thoughtful and practical gift. It can be a wonderful reminder of their adored pets. every time they have coffee, they will remember their paw and will also thank you for this wonderful pet loss gift.

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10. Customized pillows for emotional comfort

A memorial pillow for their pet is a non-traditional and beautiful way to let them know that you care. You can customize a pillow by choosing the right material and even add photos or comforting quotes. They can keep these cushions close to them and always feel the warmth of their paw. This will surely make a wonderful gift.