15 Games for Christmas Party Which Have no End
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15 Games for Christmas Party Which Have no End

  1. Would You Rather

Classic Party Game. Just make sure don’t mass up your friendship!

 christmas games for adults would you rather

  1. Elf Drinking Game

Christmas movie and cocktail, what can be wrong?

 christmas games for adults elf drinking game

  1. Never Have I Ever

Answer or Drink, how old are you?


  1. The Santa Hat Game

To start, everyone gets a piece of paper. But only one’s paper has letter of “it”, and the person who has “it” lets the game. When the person who has “it” take hat off, everyone must take hat off too and ASAP because the last one loss. Tip for the person who has “it”: don’t take your hat off right away, wait to see what is going to happen when people start to forget this game!

 christmas games for adults santa hat

  1. Candy Canes

 christmas games for adults candy canes

  1. Two Truths & a Lie

Guess what the lie is. How much you know about another?


  1. Jingle Bell Toss

Toss bell into cups. Time to show your party skills!


  1. How many Ornaments

Guess how many ornaments on the Christmas tree. Of course without counting them!

 christmas party games adults

  1. Christmas Limbo

Just remember to use Christmas related tools.

 christmas party games adults

  1. Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game


  1. Name the Christmas Carol

Even better with award.


  1. Elf on the Shelf

This is Adults-only, so wait after kids go to bed.


  1. White Elephant


  1. Who Am I?


Take a card with a Christmas-related character on it and place the card on your forehead without looking. Then ask each other “yes” or “no” question to find out who you are in the card.

 christmas party games adults

  1. Jello Shot Christmas Tree

You are not expecting I am going to teach you how to make jello right?






Reference from Tasha Mutag, 15 Best Christmas Games for Adults to Keep the Party Going, 9.12.2019