15 Steps of Baby Shower Party Planning
When you finally had the jewelry of your life – your baby, the best way to share such happiness is to plan a Baby Shower Party. This is the steps and timeline of how to plan a Baby Shower Party and make it unique and unforgettable.
blue themed baby shower decorations

-Two month or more before the shower

Step 1: Choose date
    The best time for future baby’s mother is usually during her seven months pregnancy, it is the time when she won’t feel uncomfortable about party and everyone can see the sign of newborn.
Step 2: Choose location or rent venue
    Determine the budget before making any decision related to money, then choose whether do the party at home, someone’s home or venue.
Step 3: Prepare guest list & invitation
    Better send out the invitations two month before the shower, you don’t want your guest absent the shower because they already had other plans.
Step 4: Set a shower theme
    A theme is the guideline for decoration
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-Two month before the shower

Step 5: Set a shower menu
Step 6: Plan for decoration
    Choose to decorate the shower by yourself or hire an event planner team

-One month before the shower

Step 7: Buy gift, props, prizes, and party favors
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-Two weeks before the shower

Step 8: Confirm any reservations
    Make sure you have reservation if you want rent venue, flowers, or party supplies
Step 9: Confirm guest list
Step 10: Decorate the party place
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-Two days before the shower

Step 11: Prepare non-perishable food, flowers and balloons

-One day before the shower

Step 12: Finish set up and decoration
Step 13: Prepare food and drink
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-At the shower day

Step 14: Set up food and drink
Step 15: Welcome your guests and enjoy the shower





Reference from Rachel Gillman, “How to Plan a Baby Shower”, n.d.