5 More Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

June is pride month, do not hide your pride! Spend this month by having fun with your friends drinking, partying. But at the end of the day, do not forget to celebrate it in more meaningful ways, the ways that you could actually contribute to the LGBT community and start making some changes in the world. Alcohol is good, but activism is better.


Here are 5 meanings ways you should celebrate. 


1. Learn about LGBT stories in the past

You can read a book, watch a documentary or visit a museum. Learning about the past is the best way that teaches us how to move on forward. Learn about what LGBT communities have been through in the past decades and think about what you should do to forward at a faster pace. Educate yourself and knowing what groups of people you belong to is also a great way in increasing self-awareness. Know that you are not alone!

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2. Attend virtual pride event 

As pandemic has still been taking place in the world, you might want to consider attending a virtual pride event. Reach out to local groups or simply do a google search and see what’s going around you. We all need to feel some sense of belongings in the world. Pride month is the perfect timing you could start building a connection with someone that’s more like-minded as you and that could relate to you experiences. I’m sure there are people that are more than willing to help you speak out of your mind if you are someone that is new to the game. Find a group where you feel accepted and comfortable with sharing your stories to. Right people, right vibe.

Well if you still decide to attend an actual event, do not forget to put a mask on!

Learn more about Boston Pride virtual event


3. Throw a pride party at home 

What could possibly be better than throwing a pride party at home after all this quarantine experience? Make some rainbow cakes, adorn your place with cute balloon decors, and Invite your friends over! Let’s get the party started.

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4. Volunteer in LGBT organizations

Never thought of volunteering at a LGBT organization? Didn’t think that’s a part of your business? There are people that are doing things that are causing great changes in this world. And we most of the times, like to just enjoy the benefit out of it but never felt obligated to be part of the change. Maybe it’s time to reflect on that and make our first move in reaching out to local LGBT organization and ask what we could do to help. This is also a great way to build connections with new people.

Photo from Nomadic Matt


5. Be aware of the organizations where you could seek help from

If you are someone that has truly accepted your identity, good for you! You are very lucky. But if you are someone that’s still figuring things out, or even feeling down about some of your recent negative experience. Again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

LGBT national help center is where they provide a safe place  that is anonymous and confidential where callers can speak on many different issues. They would also provide you with factual information and local resources for cities and towns across the United States.

Photo by LGBT National Organization