6 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Dads

If you are having a hard time finding the perfect Christmas gift for your dad, this blog is for you. You can find different ideas for every kind of dad, because we know that they all aren’t the same; but all of them are amazing. Which is why you have to make sure to spoil them this year 

The handyman dad

If you believe that your dad is the type to fix the problems in the house instead of calling someone who will, then he definitely needs his tools. What you have to do is familiarize yourself with his stuff or ask your mom for help, so you would know what specific tools you would buy for him. But if you have the budget, then you can check this one out!


Black and Decker Tool Set

The businessDAD

Does your dad stay inside his office most of the day and is always on the hustle? Well, maybe the best gift is to give him something to remember why he hustles and an inspiration why he’s always working hard.


Frame for Family Pictures


If he goes on a business trip often or perhaps you are planning to go on a family vacation, this classy duffle bag would be useful and we bet that he will love it!

Canvas Duffle Bag

The classic dad

I don’t know why but a lot of fathers seem to prefer classic songs or those from the 70s up to 90s. We aren’t complaining though, their music doesn’t get old and it gives off a nostalgic feeling even when you weren’t born in those decades. Anyway, here are some of our suggestions that a classic dad would love!

The Best of Pink Floyd - A Foot In The Door


If you have a record player in your home, vinyl is a good choice too.


The Dark Side of The Moon


These are just some of it! There are a lot of classic music to choose from that are an order away from the internet. Whatever you choose to buy him, we are sure your dad would appreciate it.

The busy dad

If you want to help your busy dad accomplish all of his tasks the upcoming year, give him a planner. Choose the simple ones because we all know that a lot of dads like to be plain. Although, you’re the only one who knows him well so it’s up to you! But here are our suggestions.

Weekly Planner

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Planner

A coffee lover father

Of course, the love for coffee won’t be forgotten. We often see our dads awake the earliest and sitting in the kitchen while sipping his coffee, or your dad in his office staring at his laptop while drinking. Which is why, we found this Christmas Mug perfect for sipping and feeling the holidays!


Christmas Mug

A dad who likes being in style

Last but not the least, a stylish mask perfect for Christmas in the midst of the pandemic. If your dad has fun dressing up then you should definitely get him one like this. Aside from being a protection, the design is too accurate that we are sure people would look when they see him.

Christmas Themed Mask


Once you have chosen what you want to give your dad for Christmas, make sure to include a Christmas card as well. They would appreciate even the shortest message because it would be coming from you! This does not only apply to your father, but for the other family members as well - yes, including your annoying sibling (you love them!).


Christmas Card


We hope you liked this one! Don't forget to check out our other blogs to help you in every event that is coming. Until next time!