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7 Amazing Mexican Birthday Party decorations Ideas

7 Amazing Mexican Birthday Party decorations Ideas

Mexican culture is rich with its vibrant colours and fiesta celebrations. To conduct the best Mexican Birthday Party, you need to have a colourful setup with beautiful decors. Choose the perfect venue for the festive and start listing the decorative pieces required to add charm to the birthday celebration. Below are some of the essentials that will make your event memorable and exciting for your loved ones.


Tres Leches Cake

The Tres Leches cake,  also known as the three-milk cake, will be a special spongy delicacy for the delightful birthday celebration. You can bake or buy delicious desserts in different colours and recipes. You can even choose them in small sizes or get a mega cake according to the requirement of the event. The authentic Tres Leches Cake is filled with a large portion of sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream. Then the milk is evaporated to make it spongy and mouth melting. The airy whipped cream and cinnamon icing will make the cake more tasty and eye-pleasing. Moreover, this tasty dish will taste heaven if served the next day after refrigerating it and will become a show-stopping delicacy of the day.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Mexican Themed Balloon Decorations

Balloons have a special place in every celebration. The colourful balloons falling around the house are always beautiful and beautifully decorated. The Mexican fiesta balloons will shout out to each guest about the day, and it will make the party hall look lovely. These balloons can be arranged as banners for the walls. It is always charming to see various shapes of Mexican tradition on the wall. Even fiesta balloons will also be a unique way of accessorizing the walls and doorways. Thanks to these original themed balloons, the birthday party will be very special for your loved one.

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Themed Banner

The birthday banners are a must decor for the celebration. The messages on them will make the guest of honour delighted and exceptional. The Mexican themed birthday banners are radiant and different from the usuals. The different shapes and bright colours that define Mexican culture add charm to your party. These banners can also be used as welcome signs on the gate or doorways and also be stuck on the wall to make it eye-catchy.



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Fiesta Centrepiece

Your tableware needs to be decorated with vibrant colours to give it the Mexican theme vibe. The radiant centrepieces will give life to the table and will make the table ready for the day.  The fiesta centrepieces will give an extra little touch to every corner of the house. Other than the tables, you can even place the beautiful table decors on the stairs, by the window or racks to make the event lively.


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DIY Tissue Paper Flower

Handmade colourful artificial flowers are part of Mexican fiesta tradition. The DIY tissue paper flowers can be arranged into a bouquet, the centrepiece in a vase or hang on the wall. It will create an ambience for the event with its vibrant colour.


  • Colourful tissue papers in various shapes and size
  • Scissors
  • Beading wires, string or pipe cleaners



  1. Open up as many tissue papers as you want, and place them together, one above the other. You can stack the tissue paper by mixing small and large one.
  2. Place the smallest napkin on the inside.
  3. Use both ends to create a 1-inch circular fold.
  4. Cut the edges into rounded or curved shapes on every side using scissors.
  5. Gently secure the string, wire or pipe cleaner in the centre of the folded strip.
  6. Carefully wipe the crease with a sponge to get a beautiful flower.
  7. Attach string to flowers to make a garland to decorate the railings, walls, door or railings.
  8. Moreover, you can place pipe cleaners, pencil or wooden dowels to make bouquets or flower set for the vase.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Mexican theme String Light

You can make your night party magical touch with string light of Mexican theme. The event will have an extra beam of brilliance with the different lights hanging around. The colourful string or white bulbs with flags and other arrangements will make the day glowing. You can decorate the Mexican theme string lights that have cactus, chilli peppers, or any shapes. They can light up the walls, stairways or put them in large transparent jars to make them look like lanterns.

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Handmade Chilli Pepper Pom

Spice up your walls and doors with Chilli Pepper pom that gives the touch of Mexican culture in the party hall. Handmade poms will be inexpensive, and at the same time, grab the attention of your guest with their size and appearance.

What do you need?

  • Beading Wire
  • White, Black, Green and Red tissue papers
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Wire Clipper

How to make it?

  1. Place five sheets of red tissue paper and cut them each into 9-inches squares.
  2. Cut five more red tissue papers into squares, and each one should be smaller than the previous one.
  3. Fold the entire stack into a ruffle fold of 1-inch thickness.
  4. Round the corners of each fold with scissors.
  5. Take a beading wire of 30 inches and bend it in half.
  6. Slide the folded tissue papers one after the other into the wire.
  7. Leave 1 inch of twisted wire between the three large pieces.
  8. Now cut 9-inch squares from green tissue paper and give them an accordion fold.
  9. Place the green stack half-inch up from the top red square using the twisted wire.
  10. Carefully separate the tissue papers to form the shape of a pepper.
  11. Make eyes and moustaches as you please on the pom using white and black paper.
  12. Leave a wire loop to attach the string for hanging them as a decorative piece.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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