8 Easy Ways to Create the Best Roblox Birthday Party Ever
Birthday Party

8 Easy Ways to Create the Best Roblox Birthday Party Ever

Do you have a child, boyfriend, or husband who absolutely loves Roblox? They probably want you to surprise them with a Roblox themed birthday party! Follow these 8 tips to give your loved one the best gamer birthday party they’ve ever had.

Gamer Theme Cake

A party without a cake is just a meeting, so you definitely want to get a cake that matches the theme and tone of your Roblox birthday party.

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There are a few ways you can go about getting your loved one a cake for the Roblox themed party. You can order a sugar sheet for a regular birthday cake like this one, that displays the video game them

Another option is to get a cake topper. You can either get one that is Roblox themed, or a cute video game controller one like this one.

Gamer Controller Balloons

The must-have item for any gamer themed party, regardless of the game, is gamer-themed balloons. They will tie the theme with the decorations together.



This balloon is sure to be a favorite, it is made to look like a classic gamer remote control.


Another option is to get these fun “Level Unlocked” balloons. 

If you need more balloon options for your party, you can purchase the whole gamer pack of balloons. They’re sure to be delightful for your guests.


Gamer Invitations

You can’t invite friends to a birthday party without the perfect invitations.


These cute invitations would be really fun for your son or daughter to pass out at school to their friends and get them excited for a gaming theme party!

Roblox Themed Birthday Party Decorations for boy and Girls


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Whether you’re throwing the party for kids or your husband’s friends, they’re going to have to eat the Roblox-themed treats with something. Gaming themed napkins, plates, cups, and cutlery will make the party feel more festive. The guests will love eating a gaming theme cake on a gaming theme plate!

Roblox Party Bags


Many parties don’t give out party bags by the end of the party, so giving out Roblox themed party bags with some goodies inside will make your event unforgettable. Kids will remember how fun this was for years to come.

Party Snacks

One thing all gamers have in common is a love for finger foods.

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Have an array of salty and sweet snacks for your guests to munch on as they mingle and game. Party snacks are easy to grab and eat while their attention is turned toward a game. Try popcorn, Cheetos, candy, muddy buddies, pretzels, and M&Ms.

Gamer Glasses

Since you’re at a party, your gaming guests will need something to wear to signal that it’s “party time.”


These cool gamer glasses are pixelated just like many of your party-goers’ favorite games are styled. Give them to the guests to enjoy during the party, or in the party bag to take home and wear later. They’re sure to love them! They can not only be used as toys but as actual sunglasses since they have UV protection!

Lots of Gaming

No gaming party is complete with the theme activity: gaming.

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Your guests are coming to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday, but also to have fun gaming with all their friends. Make sure you set up Roblox in a way that everyone can play together and possibly rotate what games are played throughout the party.

With these 8 ways to create a Roblox themed birthday party, it’s sure to be your loved one’s most memorable party yet. Bookmark this page so you have easy access to the links for the supplies, and it’ll be the easiest and best party you’d ever throw.