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Amazing Party Ideas For July 4th Independence Day Celebration!

Amazing Party Ideas For July 4th Independence Day Celebration!

The 4th of July is a happy day for every citizen of the country. Independence Day reminds the people of the freedom earned and the progress made by the nation in this beautiful year. Every great day calls for celebration, and so, this Independence Day, you can throw a party for your loved ones. Make the event count by arranging the best party ever with impressive decoration.

Amazing Independence Day Decors

The theme party or events organised on a special occasion requires its essence and colours. The 4th of July cannot be complete without red, white and blue colour decors. The patriotic day can be made memorable with elegant decorum. Below are some decorative items that will change the look of your festivity.

American Flag Balloon

Balloons have always been a part of all parties for ages. You can arrange the balloons to represent the flag, and it will make the day beautiful. The traditional ways are gorgeous, but they can be more wonderful by using customised balloons. The balloons with messages and various shape which defines the beauty of the national flag will catch the attention of all the guests.

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Shop at PartyEight


Independence Day Banners

Doors and the party area need to shout out about the occasion, and it can be done using beautiful banners. The colourful banners are going to make your event lovely. Get banners with colours of the flag and particular wordings on them. You can even stick these gratifying banners on the garden wall if you are planning for an outdoor party. Moreover, you can tie them with two poles which are apart as a welcome board. There are various methods to use these banners, and they can change the look of the occasion.

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Independence Day Theme Table cloth

The tables of your party should not be pale. Instead, you can make them eye-pleasing with an Independence Day Theme Table cloth. The designer vibrant cloth piece will give the effect of the day to the area where the table is kept in the room. Your festivity will be the best one with table clothes that give the feel of freedom.



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Patriotic Plate

For any occasion, food is an integral part and so, making them presentable becomes vital. The theme plate will make your food look elegant and give the feel of the party. These dishes can be used for decoration by sticking paper plates on the wall or placing the ceramic dishes on the stand like a decorative piece on the table. The patriotic plate will be an elegant way of giving a twist to the party when served delicacy treats on them.

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National Flag

The beautiful American flags will charm your party. You can buy as many flags as needed and place them respectfully in your house. Stick the flags on the walls or place them along with flowers in the vase. They will make your house attractive, vibrant and memorable for all.

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Tasty Treats for Independence Day

It’s time to list out the menu for the event. Think if you could make your food speak about the party and its possible with different delicacies. So, this Independence Day, let your treat create wonders with its taste and appearance.



Watermelon Berry Wand

A party cannot be satisfying without tasty munchings. A watermelon berry wand will be a treat for both adults and children as they are easy to consume and mouth-watering. Other than its taste, it also won’t make hand dirty. You will need skewers, blueberry and watermelon. Cut the watermelons into any shapes like a star, triangle, square or any other that you love to make the structure look fun.


Photo Credit: Freepik

Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Everyone is fond of the sweet dessert and its flavours. The crunch of waffles and creaminess of the toppings will be mouth-watering. The ice cream with berries on it will be the crown of the party.

Photo Credit: Freepik

Patriotic Cupcakes

The cupcakes are always a compliment for any occasion, and the patriotic theme on the little delicacy will be marvellous. You can try berry cake or any flavoured cupcake with vanilla topping and colourful sprinkles. The red, white and blue colour will make the treat match the greatness of the day.

Photo Credit: Freepik

Independence Day Cookies

The Independence Day special cookies can be baked using the perfect cookie cutter. The cutters with the ideal message and shape stamp will be fun. First, you will have to make cookies with flavour that you love. Then, you can cut them out with the cutter that has the desired stamp on it. Your Independence Day cookies will be ready to rock your party.

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Shop at PartyEight

Strawberry and Blueberry Pies

The strawberry and blueberry pie can perfectly showcase the pride of the American flag with its appearance. A piece of the pie will make the perfect meal for your loved ones. You can decorate the berry similar to the national flag, and it will look beautiful on the dining table.

Photo Credit: Freepik


Mixed Berry Milkshakes

The mixed berry milkshakes will be the best drink of the day. The colour of your beverage will be so eye-soothing. The milk, sugar and the berry will bend and give the delicious milkshake. It will fill the tummy of little children with its yummy taste and coolness.

Photo Credits: pixabay

Berry spitzers

The drinks for adults need to be sour with a few punch of sweetness. The spitzers with the flavour of berries or cherry will satisfy the taste buds. Instead of spitzers, you can also use soda for a change. It will also match your theme with its colour.

Photo Credit: Freepik


Fun Zone for Loved ones

Party is to have fun, and so, you need to arrange some enjoyable activities at the event to entertain the guest. It can be games or anything that can fill the room with laughter. You may add the colours of the day to all the joyful pastime.

Patriotic Bingo

Bingo with numbers has fascinated everyone. The Patriotic bingo will be a fun ride for Independence Day. You can match the symbols with the partners and make the game challenging and enjoyable. The symbols on the card, which may have the flag, icecreams and other shapes in red, blue and white colours, will give a glimpse of Independence Day.



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The darts targeting game is always competitive and entertaining. Get the dartboard, which has the touch of Independence Day, will be magical. It will make your day entertaining and also make the walls look beautiful. Your guest will have a joyful day with the exciting game. Moreover, they will remember the party for a long time.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Bean Bag Toss

The tossing games are so entertaining, and it is so simple that anybody can try the game at least once. You can get a Bean Bag Toss board and its equipment and place them in your garden or gaming area. Then divide your friends into several groups and let them have a fun competition of securing maximum scores. It will keep your guests entertained and will keep a smile on their faces throughout the match.



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Temporary Tattoo Corner

Other than games, there are several options to make your party entertaining, and one of them is tattoo corner. You can convert a corner of your house or party hall into a temporary tattoo area. You can place several sheets of tattoo stickers that define the USA or Independence day. Your guest can choose their favourite one and stick them on their hands, leg, face or where they prefer to have a tattoo. Your loved ones will be cheerful after receiving these little stickers.

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Photo Corner

Photo Corner is must be part of every party nowadays. You will have to create a photo booth in your house or garden and put different props with sticks on them. The holding cane will help your friends to hold the props while clicking pictures. You will have to take a note to use the ones which reflect Independence Day and its fun. These photo booth props can also be made easily at home by cutting out various shapes as large as you want on thick papers, design them with your imagination, paint the cutouts with red, white and blue colours and at last paste them on several sticks or straws. The photo corner will help you and your loved ones to capture joyful memories.

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