Best ideas for Halloween Themed Baby Shower Party and Baby Birthday Party
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Best ideas for Halloween Themed Baby Shower Party and Baby Birthday Party


Baby Shower has an imperative place in the life of a mother-to-be, and thus, it is vital to make her feel special. It is the responsibility of the host to throw an exceptional party for the lady. A Halloween Baby Shower will make the new mom delighted and will be a memorable day for everyone. Have a glimpse through the attractive decor for your party.


Interesting Decors for Halloween Baby Shower

Your house or party hall needs to speak about the Halloween theme from every corner. Moreover, your celebration should be able to give the feel of a baby shower. There are several decorating materials available nowadays that will make your work easier and the party ghostly. Below are some terrifying and cute decorative items.


Baby Shower Balloon Banner

Banners have always been a part of parties for a long time. The paper, cloth and polyester banners are available at every party and have been accurate for their event theme. But you can get a balloon banner which will be a unique idea for the Halloween Baby Shower Party. The balloon banner contains words and characters that will suit the party theme, and it will be the ideal option for you.


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Balloon Bouquet

A celebration without balloons is incomplete, and so it is always important to find the ideal balloon. The black, white and golden balloon bouquet will give your spooky night the party vibe. You can choose a bundle of balloons in various shapes. Moreover, you can even separate them from the bouquet and spread them around the house.

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Halloween Themed Balloon

The Halloween theme balloon, which suits the baby shower, will be perfect for your party. You can choose a skeleton, pumpkin or any other balloon that will make the party cute, even in the ghostly surroundings. The Halloween balloons will make your wall beautiful and the party unforgettable forever.

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3D Bat Stickers

To make your house ready for the party, you need to make the walls look creepy. A 3D Bat sticker is what you need. The walls of your celebration hall will look scary, and the Halloween themed party will be exciting. The bat stickers will give a spooky view and make the day noteworthy for the guest and the mother. 

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Uncanny Spider Webbing

A haunted house has spider webs on its walls, windows, stairs and every corner. So, your party also needs some spider webs. Get the spider webbing and then arrange it in the garden or around the house to make your home ready for the Halloween party. Select the webbing with spiders on them for a realistic appearance for the day.


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Ghostly Halloween Garden Flag

Welcoming your guests with a stunning garden flag is a good idea. The Halloween garden flag with the image of ghosts or witches will add charm to your entrance. Moreover, if you get the ghostly flags with a message for the Baby Shower party will be apt for your function. The cute words on the bunting will bring a smile to the guests face, and the mother-to-be will be delighted.



Pumpkin Flameless Candles Flickering

An important thing to add to your list is the candle for making your eerie night party. The flameless candle flickering will help you from enlightening them throughout the night. The pumpkin-shaped candle flickering will look beautiful around the house. Moreover, you can decorate them on the table, corner of the home or even the garden area.

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Confetti Table Scatter

The confetti table scatters with various ghostly figures will give the touch of Halloween to your dining table. You can spread these tiny scatters on the table, and it will add sparkle to the party. Moreover, throw them around the centrepieces and flower vases, and you will make your home look petrifying but cute with these little chunks.


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Halloween Party Garland

The Halloween Party Garland will organise your walls for the event. Nowadays, scary garlands are available in the market to make your house ready for the event. Selecting the perfect wall hanging can help you find the best one for your party. The figures and words on the garland will create a frightening vibe to your walls. 


Check out the below all-in-one kit for your Halloween theme baby shower/baby birthday. This might be the easiest choice for most of us. 

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Dressup the Mother-to-be

The mommy to be will be delighted after seeing the Halloween party. You can surprise her with beautiful maternity wear and ornaments. Every woman loves to dress up, and if you give her the chance to look special at an event, she will be happy with your attempt.


Halloween theme T-shirt

The Halloween maternity T-shirt will be comfortable and remarkable for her. The design on the cloth will be apt for the party. You can get a T-shirt with a pumpkin or skeleton print on it, which will be suitable for the baby shower celebration. Remember to select the attire in the colour that the mother loves.

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Witch Hat

The Witch Hat will give the mother the feel of wearing a marvellous costume. You can buy the hat with stone studded or lights to make her glamorous. The size, material and colour of the witch hat that matches her attire will be perfect for the Halloween Baby Shower party.

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Skull Bracelet

A beautiful skull bracelet will look good on the hands of the future mother. The would-be-mother can wear single or pair it up with multiple scary bracelets to be more stylish. These armlets will be an apt part of the Halloween Baby Shower party.


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Spider Ring

When it comes to ornaments, how could you forget the ring? The spider rings will make the fingers look beautiful. You can even buy ten different rings for each finger. These rings can also be matched with the attire to give a more mysterious yet adorable look to the lady of the night.

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Halloween Theme Delicacy

Delicious food is everybody’s weakness, and it is an essential thing for your spooky party. The Halloween Baby Shower ceremony needs ideal treats which are terrifying yet tasty and compliments the party. Here are some delicacies that will give pleasure to the eyes of your loved ones.


Ghostly Donut

You may have come across donuts with different flavours, and they can be a tasty delicacy of your party. Each donut can be decorated with ghostly figures and sprinkle some creepiness with food colour. Make a scary face with blood dripping from them, or try your creativity on the donut. The ghostly donut will be ideal for the Halloween Baby Shower party.

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Baby Shower Cake

The centre of attraction for every party is the cake and its structure. So, while planning a baby shower party, you will have to decide the look of the cake. For your Halloween theme festive, it is essential to get a chilling cake with some ghostly figures, which should be freaky and cute at the same time to make it suitable for the day.

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Creepy Cookie

Your delicacy should have the look and feel of the Halloween theme. You can serve different flavoured cookies by giving them ghostly effects.  You can get spooky stamps and cookie cutters that have figures of ghost, bat, and pumpkin. These cookies with various figures will be an ideal choice for making the baby shower ceremony. The kids and adults attending the party will be happier to see the cookies with different symbols, and the magic of their taste will make the day perfect for all.

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Halloween Gingerbread

The spicy and sweetened gingerbread gives pleasure to the taste bud. The Halloween theme gingerbread is what you need to make the food corner different from other parties. You can cut the gingerbread in any shape and decorate them with icing sugar, candy melts, sour strap, chocolate writing gel or edible glitter to give a mysterious look. You can even pipe several words and shapes with cream on the gingerbread for your Halloween Baby Shower party.

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