Quarantined Birthday Ideas for Making A Kid’s Birthday Party Indoor
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Quarantined Birthday Ideas for Making A Kid’s Birthday Party Indoor

As many states of the US have issued the “stay-in-home” order, families are separated from outside or other members in order to stay safe; school canceled so the kids have to stay with parents; company closed so employees have to work at home.

Some family members who could reach simply by driving 20 minutes now have to rely on technology; neighbors who could say “hi” every day now have to greet each other between the streets; friends who could have a cup with at bars now have to cheer between laptop screens.

It is the worst time for those party-lovers or social-animals, but the best time to change your attention to your family - those closest to you and now still close to you physically.

Nowadays, fashion mothers love to make birthday parties for their kids, but with the “stay-in-home” order, it is impossible to invent guests such as neighbors or friends. But this does mean you have to cancel your beloved child’s birthday party. Instead, this is the best time to plan an indoor family size kid’s birthday party in which you can focus every effort on the birthday star. And to help fashion mothers on making a kid’s birthday party during this special time, we have some change tips for you.


Choose your kid’s favorite theme

While you are planning for a big birthday party for your child, the choice of theme can be difficult to decide since it has to satisfy both your kids and other guest kids to come to play. But for a family size birthday party, you can simply favor your kid with their favorite theme and worry not if the theme is not favored by others.

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Small party menu

Since the party is small with only your closest family members, the party menu can be as small as a daily menu of the family. However, since you are also ordered to stay at home, why not try out some complicated dish your kids love but you can’t make daily.

Some suggestions to start up are buttermilk crispy chicken, home-made pizza with whatever the topping you or your kids like, or even sushi. And I’m sure you will receive a lot of likes if you post the photos on social media.


Indoor Decoration

Indoor decoration is far easier than an outdoor or big birthday party, space can be limited between your living room, kid’s bedroom, and kitchen for both families in an apartment or a house.

At this time, party favor is not needed which can save much cost. Decoration ideas such as candy bars, flower baskets, or balloon decoration on walls suit the small indoor party well also easy to make. Especially for balloon decoration, you don’t need to drive to the balloon store in order to full helium gas for the balloon to float, pump air into the balloon and stick them to the wall or ceiling, the resulting effect won’t disappoint you.

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Party game

A big difference between a big party and a small party is the party games. This time, you don’t need to plan some party games for multiple kids. Instead, you can choose some game you didn’t have time to play with your kids or the favorite game you and your kids like to play with.

It is the best opportunity to enclose your relationship with your kids by playing games with them. On the other hand, if you are already frustrated by your kids because you have to stay with them every hour of the day, some kids party games such as treasure hunt, indoor hopscotch, and puzzle hunt can keep them busy for a long time and quickly consume their daily energy.

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Host a virtual birthday party with his/her Friends on Zoom

Set up a meeting on Zoom and invite all his/her friends for a virtual happy hour. The video quality on Zoom is impeccable and you can see each participant's face in a simple grid view. Want to make things really special? Tell the guest of honor to sign on at little later than everyone else and sings "Happy Birthday" when they log on.

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