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Pickup Available in the Bay Area, CA.

Everything you need to know about PartyEight Balloons

Everything you need to know about PartyEight Balloons

Thanks for shop with us , Here's some tips and clarifications on our products. Hope everyone enjoy the balloons and parties. 

About our foil balloons :

Will balloons arrive inflated or deflated ?

All balloons arrive uninflated. 

What’s the letter size ? and will they float ?

Most phrases are made of 16 inch individual letters. THEY CANNOT FLOAT EVEN FILLING WITH HELIUM. PLEASE INFLATE AIR WITH STRAW. 

How to Repair Ripped Foil Balloon?

How to Deflate Mylar or Foil Balloon for FUTURE USE?!

How to Make Balloon Garland with Balloon Chain?


About our Latex balloons:

Will they float ? What gas should I use to make them float ?

Yes, all latex balloons except those smaller than 10in latex balloons can float with helium . 


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