Father’s Day Gift and Decoration Ideas
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Father’s Day Gift and Decoration Ideas

This year, Father’s Day is a little bit, or a lot, different than usual due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, you have to find a way to make it unique and special so that all of the dads in the world still feel special and appreciated.

To help you out with this complicated Father’s Day, we have compiled some gift and decoration ideas for you to use whether your Father’s Day is being celebrated in person or through Zoom.

Gift Ideas

Even if you cannot see your father in person for Father’s Day, you can still send him a gift or drop it off on his porch. Here are some great gift ideas for you to get your dad:

  • Novel Duffel Bag: Every dad can use a nice quality duffel bag, and this one sold on Amazon would be perfect for your dad and all of his traveling needs (when we can travel again, of course). 



  • Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green: Since your dad is likely stuck inside due to the pandemic and quarantine, this putting pad will give him something to do in the meantime. You can even buy him a putter to go with it if he doesn’t already have one. 




  • Super Tool 300 Multitool: This tool is a dad’s best friend. It has everything from a saw to a knife to a bottle opener and more. With this one pocket-sized tool, your dad can be prepared for anything and everything. 



  • Premium Shaving Brush Set: Every dad deserves a good quality shave, and this brush set will make him feel pampered and manly. This shave set will also leave your father with an impeccable shave and smooth skin just to his liking. 


Decoration Ideas

While you may not be able to have a party in person, it would still be special to decorate the background of your Zoom or FaceTime call so that your dad can see. Here are some great decorations that you can use:

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  • Balloons: Balloons are a great decoration to hang, and these ‘#1 Dad’ and ‘Super Dad’ balloons among many others would be the perfect accent to make your father feel special. The best part is that these balloons are very inexpensive and affordable, so it won’t break your bank to purchase them. 

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  • Banners: Another thing that you can easily hang in the background is banners. Whether these are balloon banners or just regular banners from Amazon or a combination of both, they can add that cute Father’s Day background to any video call. 


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Overall, just because this Father’s Day may be spent in quarantine does not mean that it cannot be made special. With the perfect gifts and awesome decorations, you can make your father feel special even if you cannot spend the day with him physically. This is a time when people need to appreciate their family, and what better way to appreciate your dad than showing him just how special he is.