Five great ideas to do on Independence Day when you stay at home
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Five great ideas to do on Independence Day when you stay at home

The fourth of July has always been one of the most important holidays in the United States. Along the history, we are always blessed with abundant liberty and opportunity. No holiday brings together more people than the Fourth of July. Even we may not be able to go outside and enjoy the grand parade and beautiful fireworks, we can still celebrate it at home, with our dear families and friends, in many fun and exciting ways. Now, Let’s learn together some great ideas on how to celebrate the holiday and decorate your house even without leaving your backyard. Get ready for a fun red, white and blue celebration!


1. Hold your own bachelor party!

On any holiday, a bachelor party is definitely one of the top themes to choose. Call your friends and set up an unforgettable party before wedding to enjoy your last single day! Cannot go outside? Hanging out with your friends at home is still fun! Just decorate your house with some cute balloons matching both the national day theme and the Bachelor theme. What’s next? Do anything you like and don’t get caught up in the stereotype.

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2. Prepare your own red, white and blue decoration explosion.

Decorating your house in a patriotic color will definitely make the holiday more enjoyable. Decorate your yard, patio, or even your home's exterior in a 4th of July theme. Beyond the colors of the American flag, there's plenty of iconography to draw on as you create your patriotic presentation: Uncle Sam, bald eagles and, of course, stars and stripes.



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3. Prepare gifts for your family

Everyone will be happy receiving a lovely gift on the national holiday. On the national holiday, don’t forget to buy your children and family a classic American flag T-shirt. Nothing says it's Independence Day better than rocking an American flag shirt with your whole family!


4. Have a backyard cookout

There’s nothing better than the smell of Barbecue. A backyard cookout is the perfect stay-at-home activity during quarantine time, so throw some hot dogs, hamburgers or whatever your go-to cookout food is on the grill and have a feast. Don’t forget all the fixins’ and sides like potato salad, fruit salad and cold brews for the parents. After the feast? Definitely some ice cream for dessert!


5. Have a Movie Day

Sometimes a quiet day watching movies is a great way to spend the 4th of July, especially when it is raining. So, make sure to look out fun movies for them to watch. You can watch classics from their youth they might want to watch, or you can put a patriotic spin on it with some all-American classics like Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Lincoln, or Independence Day!