From Fling to a Ring: Unique Ideas for Your Marriage Proposal
Marriage Proposal

From Fling to a Ring: Unique Ideas for Your Marriage Proposal

Do you look at your significant other and immediately imagine them standing across from you in a wedding dress or tux? Is your first thought when they do something silly, “I’m going to marry this person”? The time has come to take your relationship to the next level!

If you’re unsure of which direction to take your marriage proposal, you’re not alone. People are multi-faceted, and you want to make sure to make this moment unforgettable while making it feel like a personalized experience just for them. You want your proposal to be as unique as they are! With that, here is a list of marriage proposal ideas for any kind of couple.

For the homebody couple

1.Home-cooked meal proposal

A couple that cooks together, stays together. Plan to cook their favorite meal with them and hide the ring box in one of the cupboards that you know they’ll have to open to get ingredients. Your sous chef will be in for a sweet surprise!

Do you wear aprons when you cook? Hide the ring in their apron pocket – and make sure they wear the right one! Or – gift them a “kiss the bride/groom” apron with the ring box on top!  

2.Ring in a book

Probably the most subtle of all these marriage proposals - and in a place where they’d least expect it. Replace a book they’re reading with one with the pages cut out, so you have a space to place the ring. When they open the book, they’ll be greeted with a plot twist they weren’t expecting (bonus points if you hide it on a page that matches the situation)!

3. Pillow fort proposal

Get in touch with your inner child and spend an evening building a pillow fort together; romanticize the atmosphere with tea lights. While snuggling close under the star-covered blankets, have them check under their pillow and find a prize much nicer than a quarter from the tooth fairy!

For the sports-loving couple

1.Proposal at the stadium

A tried-and-true classic for any sports fan, make your shared bond over this great pastime even more important by throwing a ring on it! Bonus points if you get any jumbo-tron coverage.

2.If you win, I’ll give you something proposal

Who doesn’t love a little competition? Tease your fiancée-to-be with a game of horse, a quick race at the running track, or a putting contest at the driving range. If they win, present them with their grand prize – a wedding ring! (If you win, spin it by saying “You’re the only prize I’ll ever need.” We’re talking marriage proposals – the cheesier, the better!)  

3.Love in a glove

This one is perfect for the baseball lover in your life – leave a baseball glove somewhere where they will find it, with a note inside, saying “I’ve hit my homerun with you!” It’s like their own version of a fortune cookie, and they’re sure to think it’s the greatest fortune they’ve ever received!

For the nerdy couple

1.Imitation is the highest form of flattery proposal

Get your Shakespeare on, and recreate a love scene from your (or their) favorite movie. They’re sure to get the reference, and they’ll love the fact that you think of each other as a classic movie couple.

2.Comic book proposal

Who’s your significant other’s favorite superhero? Find a comic with them that’s related to love, weddings, or marriage, and gift it to them with the ring on top! (This was actually done to a friend of mine – her fiancé gave her the Spiderman Wedding Special comic with the wedding ring. She was so thrilled!)

3.Board game proposal

Perhaps you two are competitive, but in a less sporty way. Before you start the game, construct a playing card that looks exactly like the others – except it’s got a special question you want to pop. They’ll never know when they’re going to pull it or what to expect! (Pro tip: Make sure the card is near the top and that you don’t pull it, so your partner is sure to get it.)

For the classic couple

1.Dinner and champagne

A classic, yet effective way to propose, and a method that has stood the test of time, proposing over dinner will win the heart of any traditional romantic. If you place the ring in the champagne class, make sure your fiancée-to-be doesn’t accidentally drink it!

2.Proposal in front of friends and family

Get all your partner’s loved ones in on the action! Not only is it a romantic and classic move to ask the father for permission, but being surrounded by your loved ones makes it easier to spread the news – they’ll be there as it’s happening, as well as be able to take photos and videos of your marriage proposal speech so you two can fondly reflect back on your special moment later.

3.Flash mob!

Perhaps the boldest option on the list, using a flash mob became popular during the rise of viral videos on the Internet. The day out starts normal, but suddenly, you two will feel like you’re in a rom-com musical! Just make sure your partner is okay with having all eyes on them for quite a while.

No matter how you pop the question, creating the right atmosphere and making it an unforgettable moment is important. That’s why PartyEight has your back.

With decorations and balloons for every occasion, you’re sure to find something that is as unique as the love you two have for each other.

What are your marriage proposal ideas? Have you tried any of these methods? What worked for you? Comment below!