365 days complete, 365 new days to go, May you have a wonderful New Year!

2018 is an important year of PartyEight Team. In 2018, we opened our shop and began to create unique balloon sets for each celebration. We are surprised to see for the past year, we received so much support and love from our customers and followers, this means a lot to us.

We give a great memory for kids and family

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We create a beautiful dream for puppy and kitten

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We make the descent and imstagrammable prop for picture

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We prepare the wonderful and creative gift for baby shower

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We helps people to proposed their true love and make the big decision  

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We add the little traditional and unique addition to everyone’s B-Party

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In our definition, Party is not only an event gathering around people, it is about the wonderful time we spending with our family and friends. Why don’t we use some props making it special and funny ? This is what we dedicate for !!! In year of 2019, we’ll keep walking on this path, and make here a better place. I’m sure there will be some troubles and difficulties are waiting ahead, but we are ready to overcome ours !!!  Are you ready for yours?

Let’s go on an adventure of 2019!!!!!

Now it’s time to say thank you 😘. Thanks for everyone who trust us and support us. It is you guys to make PartyEight are getting better and better, everyday, in every way.

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