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How to inflate mylar (foil) self-sealing balloons for decoration?

How to inflate mylar (foil) self-sealing balloons for decoration?

Hi guys. I know there’s lots of customers are really concern about how to inflate our one of the most popular items in store : Foil self-sealing balloons . As your party decor guide, We are happy to help people who bought our bridal shower decor kit, birthday decor kit , or single foil self-sealing balloon.

Below is the instruction you must save for your decoration.

Let's make it step by step:

There is a small valve or opening in the "tail" of the balloon. Slide this opening onto the nozzle of the helium tank or balloon pump until you have a tight fit.

Hold the neck of the balloon firmly around the nozzle with one hand and press on the nozzle to release the helium into your balloon.

Use the hand pump if you don't need your balloons to float. Inflate the balloon. Mylar (foil) balloons are self sealing, so just remove the nozzle from the balloon and press the valve flat to seal.

Tie the ribbon to a balloon weight to prevent the balloon from floating away. Or hang the balloon on a wall or garland.  

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