How to make a fancy balloon garland or balloon arch

How to make a fancy balloon garland or balloon arch

Hi guys. Today we’re gonna to teach you how to make a fancy balloon garland, or balloon arch. We believe it would be fun to give you step-by-step instruction to achieve a memorable “artwork” on your big day. No matter what event you are celebrating for, Valentine’s day , birthday or shower..etc. Trust us, balloon garland and balloon arch will always be the great choice when it comes to decorating, and It’s easier than it looks and packs a lot of visual wow factor!!!

What you need to make a balloon garland:

  • 5-10 balloons per foot of desired length (depends on the size of your balloons and the fullness of the garland).
  • Balloon decorating tape ( For instruction without decorating tape, please read here)
  • Glue dots.
  • String
  • Adhesive tape or nails.

Now let’s see our super simple and easy guide !!!!

Blow up all the balloons you’d like to use

Set the tone for your party, and pick balloons fits your party vibe. Please get all your balloons blown up before you heading to the next step!! Sometimes it can be hard because there may be a lot balloons in your garland or arch, we recommend you to use the air pump to save your breath and time. ( Balloons cannot be float so it is meaningless to inflate with helium ) Click here to shop manual pump.

Assemble Garland 

In this key step, we’d like to introduce the magical balloon decorating tape! I mean, whoever invented this stuff, definitely is a genius!!!

Cut a strip of the tape that measures the length you want the finished work to be. 

Starting at one end, pop the tied openings of the balloons through the small holes in the tape, 

Alternating colors and sizes of balloons.

Hang it to display 

You need to decide where you want to display it: Tie a long piece of string to each end,and get your family or friends to hold it against the wall, and make marks at each end. Then you can either use the adhesive tape to stick the end of garland into the wall, or you can simply hammer a nail into the wall at the mark and tie the garland to the nail using string to hang it. We recommend using nails.

Finish!! Enjoy the party !!!

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