How to Make Balloon Float Without Using Helium?

You must have been aware that Helium is in shortage as you walk into any party decor shops, helium tanks are so freaking expensive right?

So what is Helium and why is Helium in shortage?

Helium is odorless, colorless and tasteless gas. Helium uses can be practiced in organic chemistry area, medical field up to aerospace industry.

The lack of helium, means that noninvasive, life-saving MRI scans for detecting damage to organs and tissues would be in a severe problem in medical field. It also affects physics research for not being able to use electromagnetic fields to send changed particles at high speeds. The list goes on…

Graduation season has also become a peak time of helium shortage due to the high demand of floating balloons. As a party decor company, we feel an obligation to prevent over-using helium as we have figured out many other ways to make balloons float on ceiling.


Here we are, sharing three tips if you are looking for saving the environment and of course, the money without purchasing a helium tank.

Method One

Tools you need

1. Balloons

2. Glue Dot/Double-sided tape

Step 1: Inflate your balloons

Step 2: take a small piece of glue dot tape/double-sided tape, place it on top of the balloon where that’s gonna stick on the ceiling

Step 3: Peel it off

Step 4: Get yourself a chair as a tool to reach the ceiling, stick the balloons on ceiling. (Keep yourself safe!)

Method two

Tools you need:

1. Balloons

2. A pair of scissors

3. Rope/balloon string

4. Single-sided tape

Step 1: Inflate your balloons

Step 2: Tie the rope/string around the knotted spout

Step 3: Use scissors to cut off the extra string (note: keep one side of the string around 3-inch long for next step)

Step 4: Take a small piece of single-sided tape and stick it with the long side of string/rope

Step 5: Tape it to the ceiling

Method Three

Tools you need:

1. Balloons

2. Your hair (yeah that's right)

Step 1: Inflate your balloon

Step 2: Rub it against your hair with the top of the balloon

Step 3: Gently stick the top side of balloon to the ceiling

(Note: this method won’t last longer than around 4 hours, depending on the condition of your hair. Greasy hair doesn’t work well for this method so make sure your hair is dry.)

Tools That I Used

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Cartoon image retrieved from ZB Physics 2014-2015

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