How to Plan a Black Themed Birthday Party

Get ready to throw the best black themed birthday party for you and your loved ones. PartyEight will guide you in setting up a dark and dynamic celebration that you will never forget. Read ahead to see what are the party essentials for the best, dark and dynamic birthday!



Black birthday invitation letters


A party will never be complete without the guests. Send them your customized black invitations containing the date, time, venue, and suggested attire


Black birthday cake and black cake topper

Cakes are the centers of attraction in every celebration. It is important to choose a cake that matches your theme. You can have a chocolate cake coated in white and gray fondant to complement the black theme, and a black birthday cake topper of any font you would like to use.



Aside from white and gray coated fondant cake, you can also have a chocolate cake coated with black fondant sheet. You can have it plain without the birthday cake topper. You can replace the birthday cake topper with black birthday balloons.


Black balloons

What is a party without balloons? Regardless of what occasion, balloons are always appropriate.

The black number balloons are perfect for the white and gray fondant cake. You can order the numbers to show the age of the celebrant.



You can replace the “Happy Birthday” cake topper with the black birthday balloons. It will surely look perfect with your plain fondant cake at the center!


Add black marble balloons to enhance the ambiance of your party. It will make the big shift from the dark to being dynamic at the same time.

Black LED letters


LED lights will add a big aesthetic value to the party setting. It will be great to have one! You can order customized initials of the celebrant.


Black disposable utensils

Disposable tablewares are very essential and remember that they have to complement the theme, too. It is a must to choose a heavy duty cutlery kit and plates. Do not forget to put table napkins to avoid any stains while eating. It is a way to keep elegance in look while enjoying good food.


Black birthday souvenirs

Souvenirs are remembrances of every special event. Make the people you invited remember the vibe and the bond. Put your souvenirs in black kraft bags and put it on display while the party is on going. These bags will serve as your offer of thanks for their time and effort to celebrate with you. It will also make them remember that they have attended such a cool black themed party!



You can make your guests take home dark chocolate-covered oreo cookies together with your chosen souvenir! Check these ones out, the reviews say they taste really good.



OR if you want to make your own cookies, visit this recipe of Chocolate Covered Oreos

It would also be nice to give your guests these cookie cutters; just in case they liked your cookie giveaway so much and they decide to make one, these fancy cutters are the way to go and make those unique cookie shapes!





Black is a happy color too! and these party must-haves will surely make any birthday party look at its best dark, dynamic, and memorable. Bookmark this page to easily access available party supplies to make birthday preparations precious and easy.