How to plan a Bridal shower: checklist and timeline

How to plan a Bridal shower: checklist and timeline

A successful bridal shower needs lots of wonderful ideas and advanced planning. When planning a bridal shower, there are a few different elements to consider so let’s break it down into 5 time frames to get it clear.

Preparation :

Select a date, time and location for the bridal shower.  Usually it should be held 2 weeks to 2 months before wedding ceremony. We recommend earlier time.

Make a guest list , As a host, you must decide on the number of guests. If the shower isn’t surprise, please talk with brides about whom to invite.

Develop a theme for the party if you desired. We highly recommend the rose gold bridal shower decoration. No brides will say no to Rose gold.

Purchase or Make Invitation. Make sure to have a clear statement if the shower is a surprise, you may also want to include registration and other information.

3-6 weeks before shower :

Send Invitation out.

Start to plan on decoration and centerpieces: choose some signature or balloons as part of decoration like champion and glass balloon, diamond balloon or pink balloon kit.

Plan menu for the shower: if it is lunch, you can prepare some tea sandwiches and macaroons .

Decide on Activity : fortune teller or tarot card reader would be a great choice.

1 week before shower :

Confirm Reservation.

Don’t forget to buy a gift. The standard amount to spend on a bridal shower gift is a minimum of $50.

1 day before the shower :

Shop the menu items that can be made in advance.

Set up the decoration and any equipment.

The day of the shower:

Enjoy the party !!!!