How to Plan for The 2nd Birthday Party & Kids' Game

How to Plan for The 2nd Birthday Party & Kids' Game

Why 2nd birthday party?

When a newborn child turns 2 years old, some parents think it unnecessary to put too much energy into it, since there were 1st birthday party. They are wrong! Before the modern medication which successfully reduced newborn children’s death rate, a newborn child gets 2 years old means more chance to survive to adult. It is a big day for both the child and family! So as the second milestone of your newborn child’s life, a 2nd birthday party is the best way to celebrate the joyfulness among you and your family.

Plan for 2nd birthday party should not be as hard as the 1st, here is some advice while you prepare for it:

1. Keep it simple, you don’t have to make the party as big and unforgettable as the 1st birthday party;

2. Chose colorful theme;

3. Keep kids busy;

4. Have fun yourself!

Among the 4 advice, the third is the hardest to achieve. Kids are not quiet kind, they are full of energy and can’t wait to release it. So if you want to celebrate and enjoy the party with your friends and family without look after kids, you need some time consuming game to keep them busy.

Let’s Dance

No kids don’t like to play together, and no kids don’t like to dance together. Sing is a professional work to be good at it, a bad singer may ruin everything. But dance doesn’t, everyone knows how to dance since the easiest way to dance is simply make random motive. And that is what kids can do and love to do. Place a playground, set a music speaker, and let the kids cut loose. You will be amazed by how long they can stay dancing. Also, better decorate the playground with soft cover such as carpet, so then accident happens, kids won’t get harmed.

toddler dancing

Treasure Hunt

Hide some special gifts on the party place, and tell the kids to find them. The treasure hunt can be simple or complicated, it is up to you to hide the treasure. You can even make riddle or evidence about the hidden place. Make it hard but not impossible, so the game will take a lot of time but they will find the “treasure” at last. Kids will be so excited to be Aladdin.

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Bubbles & Balloons

Kids like fly, if you go to kindergarten and ask what kind of superpower you want, most of them will answer “fly”. For that, kids love flying things, which top on the party supply list: bubbles & balloons. Bubble and balloons makes kids’ dream, it’s beautiful and charming. So make some soap water, get some bubble gun, or full up balloons with helium, kids “can do it all day”.

toddler playing with bubbles


If possible, set the backyard or any open area with barract to be an amusement park. Wood horse, little bicycle, or just toys can get kids’ attention. Of course large stuff such as trampoline or slide will do a better job, but be careful with their safety. Furthermore with backyard, many outdoor games can be placed there.

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