How to Plan A Perfect Bachelorette Party?


Here is a perfect guideline for your perfect bachelorette. Follow these few steps, you won’t make it wrong!


  1. Select a time length. Do you want it to be a weekend getaway? Or do you want it to be a one-day trip. If your time and budget allows you can also do a one-week trip. Set a budget and make sure you have a reservation for hotels or some hot spots that you are going to visit.
  2. Pick a location: If you decide to make it a one-day party, you could have it at your house or rent a place nearby your place. But if you are planning to have a weekend getaway, think about what would be the vibe of bachelorette party you desire? Do you want it to be in a crowded city like Las Vegas? Or you want it to be a quiet resort in Florida?
  3. Decide your guestlist: Are you looking forward to having neighbors and families over or just 5 to 6 really close friends? I believe the latter option sounds like you could have more fun to stick with. Because the people and the relationship between you and them decide what kind of games you can be planning on playing. Close friends are highly recommended and just invite whoever that makes you feel the most comfortable! Because this might be your party with all these cool friends together for a really long time.
  4. Bride-to-be party decorations: which perfect bachelorette party can be held without balloons and cute decorations? Some friends would make you a surprise with those giant Bride-to-be balloons and the room set up. But you can always plan the party on your own or invite your friends to decorate the party with you. This is going to be really fun and a ice-breaking activity with them as well!


            Here is what you need for Decorations

- Balloons

Below are few of the best-selling balloons for bachelorette party.

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Then your party will look like this.

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-  Hand-held balloon pump or electric balloon pumps


5. Think about what games you want to play: If lingerie exchange sounds too nasty for you, there are some bachelorette games that will have everybody laughing all night!

        Printable bachelorette party games

Check out HERE for more printable bachelorette party games

If you are looking for some adult dirty games, THIS SITE has everything you desire


Free bachelorette party games

If you are looking for something unprintable, here are some games for you as well.

  • Guess the Panties: Each guest brings in a new pair of underwear that reminds them of the bride. Can the bride guess which guest brought in which one?
  • Porn or Polish?: Have the guests guess if the name is a nail polish or a porn star.
  • Most Likely To: Guests decide which of the ladies are "Most likely to" take part in a series of situations.
  • Steal Your Beads: A fun bachelorette game that challenges the guests to only drink with their left hand.
  • Stud or Dud: Print out some pictures of celebrities and have the guests decide whether they're studs or duds.
  • What's In the Bag?: Have each guest feel odd shaped objects from the bride's purse and try to guess what they are.
  • Loose Lips: Decide on a few taboo words for the party. If one of the ladies slips and says it, they'll have to perform an embarrassing dare.
  • Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game: The bride gets all decked out in a toilet paper dress in this hilarious, fast-paced game.


  1. Invitation: Last step! Send out your invitations to your guests. It can either be electric or paper. It doesn’t have to be too formal and fancy but your guests will feel very welcomed if you do make some effort on some design details and wording in your invitation cards.


Here are a few options for invitation cards on Amazon

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