How to put on Wall decal ?

Hi, guys, here is a detailed guide for put up Your wall decal with the transfer film. You can definitely learn how to set it up in just few minutes.  To complete this, please follow below instruction step by step .

Step 1 : Prepare your surface and decal

Clean your wall ( or anywhere you want put on the decal ), and make sure the wall are completely dry.

Please note there are two pieces in your set: A. Wall stickers  B. Transfer film

You can position the decal on the wall to preview the arrangement and its location.

Step 2 :Put on the transfer film to decal.

Peel off the transfer film from its back

Carefully cover the surface of the wall sticker 

You’d better use the card to firm it, and make sure the film is sticked to wall decal.

Step 3: Gently peel off the wall decal from backing paper

Slowly peel the backing paper away from one side, taking care not to touch the adhesive on the decal itself.

Please note if in this process, you found that the some parts of the stickers aren’t completely sticked with the transfer film , just use the hand/card to firm those parts until it can go with the film.

Step 4: Transfer the decal to the wall

Please gently put the sticker that covered by transfer film to the location you want. 

Using the squeegee or a credit card to make the whole decal smooth.

Step 5: Remove the transfer film from the surface of wall sticker.

Now it comes to the last step, gently take away the transfer film from wall stickers, please do it carefully as possible to avoid pulling away the wall sticker.

If any part of the decal starts to come off the wall, stop and rub the transfer paper back down on that section with your squeegee or fingers until that portion of the decal adheres.


Finished !!!! 

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