How to throw a baby's  first birthday party

Baby’s 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you can believe it or not, your baby's first birthday is actually here! However, you know how they say that a first birthday party isn’t really for the baby, it’s for the parents? That is so true. Your baby isn’t excited about the five-layer, chocolate swirl cake. He doesn’t realize that you spent hours searching for party decors. And he isn’t especially eager to play with his new toys. But it is still a time worth celebrating and memorizing, especially for parents. It is your child’s first birthday, and is very momentous occasion, which only comes once in a lifetime. So, if your child’s first birthday is coming, here’s some party ideas for baby’s 1st birthday to make this milestone for your child one to remember!

Decide on a cohesive baby birthday party theme.

Begin with a birthday party theme and the rest will easily follow. The party theme will determine the venue, decorations, and party food. Keep the theme relatively simple and have each element of the party tie back to the overarching idea.

Here are some 1st birthday party themes that are perfect for your baby’s celebration:

  • Wild one: How about celebrating the big day with a cute woodland themed party? This gender-neutral themed party is filled with soft neutral colors, perfect for any little boy or girl! Check out this table sets, the green plants décor are perfectly matched with the golden “wild one” balloon, and everything looks so warm and pretty.

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Donut themed party: We can’t think of a tastier way to celebrate a birthday than by throwing a Donut party! This baked-good-bonanza has quickly become one of this year’s hottest party trends and it’s not hard to see why. Not only are these donut-themed parties a great excuse to enjoy some treats, but they’re cute to boot! You can first decorate your house with pinky and cute balloons, the adorable donut cookie straw toppers and a donut truck photo op. Of course, you can’t have a donut party without the signature dessert. We recommend mixing and matching a few different kinds of donuts to make your spread look its best.

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Disney and Mickey Mouse: Mickey and his pals will make everyone smile! This theme is perfect for a birthday party for boys or girls. Decorate with balloons, polka dots, and Disney character toys that serve as decorations and perfect birthday party gifts for your baby.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Baby: This star-themed birthday party, based on the soothing lullaby, can easily be achieved with twinkling lights, star balloons, and paper stars hanging from the ceiling. Serve star-shaped sugar cookies dusted with glitter for a whimsical dessert.

(The balloon below is perfect for a girl’s start themed party!)



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Create a baby play zone area.

Designate a spot at the birthday party venue where babies can play safely. Use baby gates to section off the area and place soft blankets on the floor. Add fun toys for the babies to play with and keep the area supervised. This play space is perfect for parents who want to leave their baby for a bit as they mingle and grab food. Babies will love to play and explore in this safe area.



Don’t forget to prepare food for your guests, and also the little baby!

Who says that you need to serve kid food at a baby’s first birthday party? At this age, your baby doesn’t know the difference, but your guests certainly will. Chocolate banana cake with peanut butter frosting, S’mores, cheesecake cups are all very delicious and appropriate for parties! There are also lots of simple and easy foods that adults and toddlers can nibble on, such as finger sandwiches, fruit, crackers, cheese, yogurt, applesauce, mini muffins, cupcakes, and bagels.


Present baby with a “smash cake” and be ready to take photos!

One of the best ways to celebrate a first birthday party is with a smash cake. This type of cake received its namesake because it is small, made especially for your baby, and easy for baby to smash into with both fists.