How to throw a KICK-ASS 21st birthday on a budget?
Birthday Party

How to throw a KICK-ASS 21st birthday on a budget?

There’s nothing like a kick-ass party.

In my social circles, we love our parties, almost every person in our social circle has or is planning a big 21st. As a result: we’ve got partying down to an art form.

Parties are excellent ways to bring friends together, make new friends or even a place to meet someone amazing to start a relationship with. But you don’t want to just throw out a pack of Doritos and some mince pies. You want to throw the kind of party that your friends will be talking about for months. And throwing that kind of party, a truly kick-ass party, takes thought and preparation and of course a budget.

If you want to host a great party without doing liposuction on your wallet, set a figure that you want to spend and stick to it. Whether that figure is $100, $500 or $5,000, create a budget where you list everything you need to buy or pay for and fill in a figure beside each item.

If the big bad B-word (budget) gives you shivers, call it a “spending plan”. It’s not a big deal. So when Westpac launched their new app CashNav, and asked me to take a look at it (seeing as I’ve banked with Westpac all my life) it made me realise that it’s the small things that you do every day that really matter. The CashNav app shows your spending ‘leaks’ (you know those things you spend money on that maybe you could’ve done without?) so helps you easily identify places where you can maybe save some money.

I drive to work five days a week, I spend $60.00 a week on petrol and let’s not forget having to pay for staff parking which is $5.00 a day. For the past month to see how much I could save in my CashNav I’ve caught the bus across the street each morning, which costs me $4.00 a day. After a month I’d saved $260.00 and that was simply by leaving my car at home each morning - so I’ve got an extra $260.00 that I can put towards my 21st.

If you have a low budget, then definitely you shouldn’t go for booking an expensive venue. There are some venues in Auckland where you don’t have to pay to hire; you just need to do some searching. Another good option is a house party; this is the best way to save money to put towards other things for the party.

You can cut down spending money on many things; all you need is to “DO IT YOURSELF”. Here are just four cost cutting ideas that you could try for your next party:


For birthday party decorations there are many things may you require from banners to the tablecloths, etc. So instead of buying them, you can make these things at home and save. Whether you’re after banners for the lounge or ribbons in the kitchen, try a quick search of Pinterest for different ideas!

You can try balloons like below to highlight your 21st birthday!!

shop more at here:


Instead of ordering party food you can actually make things at home and this will also help in cost cutting a lot. These days you can find any recipes for the best finger food explained easily on youtube. Remember a responsible host provides their guests more than just alcohol!


Speaking of alcohol, how about making your dollar go a bit further by making a punch? – tailored to whatever your favourite spirits might be.


Invitation cards 

If you feel like you want to be different and instead of a Facebook event, send a paper invite out - save by learning how best to make one cheaper and more interesting - Pinterest is your friend

Anything else – of course the CHEAPEST, and easiest way to save on anything else that you might need for your party – i.e chairs, ice buckets, a BBQ – is to BORROW from friends or family (just remember to give them back!)

So those are just a few things that you could or should be thinking about if you are wanting to save a bit of money when throwing your next party.

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