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How to Throw a Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower?

How to Throw a Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower?

Madness March is Coming! If you are throwing a baby shower in March, consider having a Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower. It will be fun, exciting and unique.A March Madness March Basketball themed baby shower is a slam dunk! Throw a bracket game-themed baby shower for the new mom-to-be, complete with a basketball court and NCAA logo. Whether it's a classic game or a modern one, the theme will be a hit. The invitations can be found on the web sites of Invite and Delight and on Evite. You can also track the teams on the Final Four. You can give away foam fingers and college pendants to your guests.

Throwing a Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower

Getting the Perfect Invitations

Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower Invitations: You can purchase referee inspired invitations or Basketball Shaped Fill-in Invitations from Amazon to host a March Madness Basketball Themed Baby Shower. Alternatively, you can download the template from Etsy and print them out yourself.

Basketball - Shaped Fill-in Invitations - Baby Shower or Birthday Party Invitation Cards with Envelopes - Set of 12
Basketball - Diaper Shaped Raffle Ticket Inserts - Baby Shower Activities - Diaper Raffle Game - Set of 24

Decoration Time

There are several ways to decorate the Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower Party. A basketball court makes a beautiful centerpiece and the colors can be used for the menu and favors. The basket can be decorated in any color scheme, including red and green. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. Once you have decided on the color scheme and the theme, you can start the planning process. Once you have a date in mind, make decisions about the gender, the number of guests, and the food.

March Madness theme baby shower @babybetycom

Decorate the Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower Party table: Decorating a basketball-themed shower requires creative and fun table settings. Try using an orange megaphone or a basketball-shaped vase to hold your cake and cupcakes. You can also hang string decorations on a wall. You can even match the colors of the baby's crib, such as orange or gold. And if you'd like to create a more elaborate tablescape, add a hoop net to the center of your room.

You can also make a basketball-themed banner. A burlap banner is an inexpensive and easy way to decorate a Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower party venue. A large, colorful basketball with twine is the perfect addition to a March Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower. A big orange basketball with black lines is a great way to welcome guests and show your love. If you want a game with a collegiate theme, you can even incorporate the sports into the party.

Plan Out Desserts and Food

Menu: For a Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower, the food should be appropriate for the theme. Consider a tea party, brunch, or afternoon tea party. Choose finger foods or salads for a baby shower that begins at 11 am and ends at noon. This way, your guests will have more time to enjoy the games and the food. The party will be a success if everyone is dressed appropriately for the game.

Party Games

To celebrate the Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower, you can use a bracket game. This is a great way to create healthy competition between your guests and have fun betting on the winners of the game. You can also use a banner for your food table, which will tie the whole event together. If you haven't got a banner yet, consider a simple version and pair it with festive bunting to decorate.


A Madness March Basketball Themed Baby Shower is easy to plan and decorate. You can use scrapbook paper to decorate the food table, or you can use a decoupage medium to make custom basketball coasters. The centerpieces are the best part of the shower, but don't forget to get the kids to participate in games and other activities. You can even include the entire family in the planning! When planning a basketball-themed baby shower, it is important to consider the size of the guest list.

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