How to Throw a Stylish Woodland-Themed 1st Birthday Party

How to Throw a Stylish Woodland-Themed 1st Birthday Party

When it comes to your little one’s first birthday, less may very well be more. Less planning and decorating mean less stress and more time to spend with your 1-year-old on their big day!

If your explorer is a fan of the outdoors - and aren’t they all?! - We’ve found everything that you’ll need to add natural style to your baby’s first birthday party.

Don’t let the planning overwhelm you, all you really need are the invitations, decorations, and a cake! If you’re interested in an outdoorsy theme for your not-so-little baby’s big day, read on to find everything you need for your explorer’s 1st birthday party.


When it comes to your guest list, keep it to a minimum. Young children can become both overwhelmed and exhausted by an influx of people in their home - and we’re guessing that you’ll probably want them to spend the day feeling happy and awake.

Keep the guest list to family and the closest friends, then order as many invitations as you need to ensure that everyone gets a beautiful birthday keepsake.

This set of 20 invites and envelopes is forest-themed, adorned with cute woodland animals, and instructs your guests to head ‘over the river and through the woods’ to reach the party. How cute?!

Nature Forest Woodland Animals Kids Birthday Party Invitations


Being selective with your decorations - as opposed to buying everything that you can get your hands on in the local supermarket - will pay off wonderfully. Not only will you have less setting up to do on the day, but people will be able to admire your classy approach to birthday parties without having to fight off balloon animals at every turn.

This ‘Wild One’ balloon banner will make the perfect background to your “photo wall” and can also be used to decorate the space above the birthday buffet. Also, it will look incredible with these artificial vines draped either side of them.

Acerich Artificial Vines

An ‘I am One’ balloon banner will make an equally wonderful background to the dedicated photo space in your home or party venue.

Why not team your preferred balloon banner with this balloon kit to add a little more of a birthday vibe throughout the party space? Plus, a few extra balloons will work brilliantly to keep the little ones entertained.


Food means cake, right?

Play it big with a large smash cake, cute with a cupcake for every guest, or both!

Woodland Creatures Cupcake Toppers

These adorable woodland creature cake toppers come in a pack of 48 and can be used to decorate cupcakes with ease. They match perfectly with these wood grain cake wrappers to keep the woodland theme strong!

Wood-Grain Cupcake Wrappers

First Birthday Party Tips

Here are a few key tips to keep your children, your guests, and yourselves in the party mood.

  • Host the party before/after naptime
  • Ask guests to take pictures so that you can enjoy yourself
  • See if anyone would be willing to contribute some home-baked goodies
  • Have a ‘baby-safe play spot’ with toys to keep the little ones busy
  • Relax and have fun!

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  • Cheryl Liu