How to throw a unique space themed birthday party | Great inspiring blog

How to throw a unique space themed birthday party | Great inspiring blog

Greetings, Citizen of Earth!

Blog postsWe’re excited to share with you a new party theme: An Outer Space birthday party. Great for star war fans, aspiring astronauts, and science fiction fans, our Outer Space party supplies really are out of this world. Not only does this theme work great for younger kids with big imaginations – it’s also fantastic for a 1st birthday party. If you don’t know how to throw your own unique space themed birthday party, keep on reading!



Credit to Party City 

First Step:   Planning and inviting

To begin, you may want to start gathering a sense of how many guests you are expecting. As the host, this will help you plan out the rest of the party details, especially when deciding on how much to order for food and party favors. Make sure to consider any extra guests that may have slipped your mind such as siblings or spouses.

Once you have an estimate of how many guests you’re expecting, you can get started on the birthday party invitation. You can simply buy some outer space blast off birthday party invitation card here on Zazzle and also personalize your design! 

Second Step: Decorating the space birthday party with themed balloon décor and banner

Generally, space-themed birthday parties are filled with blue, green, and black decorations that capture the essence of outer space. When searching for party supplies, be on the lookout for these colors as they will add to the theme and overall feel of the party. You can also buy balloons with shapes of rocket ships and astronauts. No matter you want to buy a whole set of balloons to save time or single décor to DIY your own set, we supply all kinds of balloon decorations you want that are perfect for your party! Shop it on here.


Third Step: Prepare some creative and delicious space party food

  •  Rockmelon and strawberry rockets:

You can always fill your dessert table with some creative food that is also themed! Simply cut and put strawberries, bananas and melon into shapes of a rocket, and your kid will love it!

 credit to Alia cherry 

  • Alien Cupcake

These alien cupcakes are super easy to make but will delight kids as much (perhaps more than) fancy cupcakes from a bakery. You won’t need any fancy equipment or a degree in cake decorating either! If you want to know how to make it, check the blog here.

Credit to Wondermomwannabe 

Regardless of what snacks you choose to set out on your dessert table, you will want to be sure to decorate around this area as well. Balloons on either side of the dessert table are an exciting way to bring attention to all the intergalactic goodies.

  • The birthday cake

One of the most important parts of a birthday party is the cake. With that in mind, the center of your dessert table is a great place to display the space-themed birthday cake. Whether you are baking and designing the cake yourself or placing an order at a bakery, here are some inspiring images for an outer space-themed birthday cake:

 Star candles and plate, Meri Meri.

credit to Alia cherry

Final step: Photo shoot time!

Create an easy space photo booth backdrop by hanging paper planets in front of a plain black background. Space-themed paper masks and astronaut helmets make fun photo booth props!


Credit to Dorie Chevlen