How to throw an awesome New Year Eve party

If Christmas is coming to us right away, can New Year be far behind? We all know that having a good start is meaningful, so are you ready for midnight toast ? Now here comes some wonderful ideas of decorating a great new year eve party for the coming year. Let’s get your 2019 have a meaningful start. 

1.Star Garland

These shimmery stars worked perfectly for new year’s vibe. Just hang them on the ceiling, and cheer with the metallic feelings.

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2. Confetti Party favor

Gold confetti is leading the new year eve party !!! It makes party more fun, and better. There is a easier way to add the confetti to your party, get more confetti balloons.

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3. Champagne bottle centerpiece

A very traditional and elegant decoration on new year eve party. This glittered champagne bottle will set the tone !!

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4. Party Cake topper

When you try to make your desert more festive, cake topper will be an absolutely perfect choice. There’s so much options you can choose , Year number or new year quotes will be great choices.

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5. New Year Balloon Decoration Set

How can a great party have no balloons in room?!

2019 Gold and black balloons decor

These balloons are absolutely perfect to decorate your New Year’s Eve party with. 

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Rose gold decor 

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New Year Quote 

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Silver Happy New Year Decoration

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Gold 2019 quote 

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6. Bubbly bar

Remember, not just the bridal shower or weddings can have bubbly bar, you can always have one in the new year eve party. People will love it because there will be more glitter and bubbly.

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7. New Year themed tableware

The new year themed tableware is a great idea for your party. Not just tablecloth, add glitters to each one of them, including the glasses and dishes.  Put those adorable pieces in your table, and now, you are fully ready to make the midnight toast.

(Photo from Pinterest ) 

8. Fun essentials for New Year 

Last but not least, Don’t forget the bells to ring when midnight arrives, and the new year themed party hat!!!

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