How to wrap a gift for in a clever way?
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How to wrap a gift for in a clever way?

From confetti to 3D butterflies to tiny pack animal friends —and don’t forget the pasta bow on top—here are 6 clever ways to wrap your gifts for any occasion. You don't even need a huge arsenal of expensive wrapping papers. We'll show you how to take common household items and turn them into the sweetest present wrappers.

1. Tiny Animal box 

Plastic animals (be sure they can stand up steadily)
Small gift boxes
How to:
1. Place your gift in a small gift box
2. Use twine to attach the boxes to the backs of the plastic animals, wrapping in different directions and tying in a bow.

2. Confetti wrap 

Materials : 
Wrapping paper (solid color)
Construction paper in various colors
Clear cellophane
Hole punch (optional)
How to:

Wrap your gift in plain, solid colored wrapping paper. Neutral colors work well. You could also use brown craft paper.
Now wrap your gift in cellophane, and leave one end open.
Cut up small pieces of colorful construction paper to make confetti. Cut out various shapes, like rectangles and triangles. You could also use a hole punch to make circles. Another option is to also add tinsel and glitter for sparkle.
Pour the confetti mix into the open end of your cellophane wrapped gift. Tape it closed and shake it up.

3. Farfalle Pasta Gift Bow

White wrapping paper or white gift box
Baker’s twine
Farfalle/bow-tie pasta

How to:
Wrap your box in white paper, if it’s not white already.
Use the twine to wrap the box in both directions, so the twine meets in the middle at the front of the gift box.
Place one farfalle pasta piece in the center of the twine, and loop the twine around the center of the pasta to create the ‘bow.'
Tie your twine together beneath the pasta bow, where it's hidden.

4. Lace and Ribbon Gift Wrapping

Brown paper or solid paper of your choice
Ribbon (thinner width than the lace)
Tape or glue
How to:

Wrap your gift in solid colored wrapping paper.

Cut a piece of lace long enough to go around completely around your box. Wrap around the box, and as you go, attach all the way around with tape or glue. Placing the lace slightly off-center is an interesting way to to wrap the box.

Wrap the ribbon around the gift box over the top of the lace and tie a bow at the front. You may opt to use a tiny amount of glue or tape to better secure the ribbon to the box. If you are using glue, be careful not to use too much as it may seep from under the ribbon and cover the lace.

Trim the ribbon as needed.

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