LUAU – What do you need for a Hawaiian Theme Bridal Shower?
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LUAU – What do you need for a Hawaiian Theme Bridal Shower?

Speaking of Hawaiian, what is your first thought? Island, beach, ocean, summer, Honolulu… the image of a beautiful place for living or vacation full of your brain? Although as the latest state of the United States, Hawaii has a huge influence on American culture. You can see people wear a Hawaii shirt; you can find Poke restaurant in your downtown; you can order a tasty pizza called “Hawaii Pizza” which most American pizza restaurants have. No doubt there is Hawaiian Themed (Luau) Party.

As you know the hot weather of Hawaii, Luau party often takes place during the summer season when people are powered up by the temperature. To release the energy stored for have fun, Hawaiian Theme best fits the bridal shower and engagement party as they are one of the best times in your life.

So here are some tips for you to make a perfect Hawaiian Themed Bridal Shower! 


 1. Hawaiian Themed Bridal Shower IInvitations

To plan a Hawaiian Themed Bridal Shower, of course there must be Hawaiian Themed Invitation Letter. A Luau Party Invitation Letter must be beautiful as Hawaii. Green, blue, and yellow are the key color for making the letter. Check these Hawaiian Themed Bridal Shower Invitation Card below! allows you to effectively customize your hawaiian bridal shower invitations, precisely according to what you would like. Add your inherent design to your personalized hawaiian bridal shower invitations, so that the newlywed, and all of your recipients will comprehend how much you care. 

HONEYMOON TICKET BRIDAL SHOWER INVITATIONS are completely customizable! They are mobile friendly and super easy to use. You can instantly upload all of your wedding details, along with images, and a convenient map with directions for your guests. Choose from 180 custom colors, and a design suite to match your wedding invitations! Check it out for more information about wedding, bridal shower, or engagement party.


2. Decoration

    Hawaiian Theme must have vibrant colors with bright and cheerful hues. But only one bright color won’t able to present the colors of Hawaii, a tablecloth with multiple bright colors or simply find Hawaii Style stuff in any local or online store. Pink balloon garland is the best choice for Hawaiian Theme. Also, there are many balloon shapes specially designed for Hawaii Styles, such as flamingo drink, palm tree, or flamingo will definitely light up your party. As for flowers, Orchids and Hibiscus represent Hawaii the best.

    And don’t forget the beach if possible.
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    3. Manu

      Hawaii food are well-known with seafood and tropical fruit, which is what you must put in your Luau Party. Fruit platter, poke, and Hawaii pizza are easy to get; BBC and fish dishes, such as ham and pineapple kebabs or smoked salmon, could let you surround with laudation; coconut drink or refreshing cocktails will satisfy your guests’ hot throat.

      Hawaii food

      Pineapple Cheese Platter

      4. Activity

      Hawaiian Themed Party is all about having fun together, so Hawaiian party game or dance must be arranged. Hire a hula dancer to active your party atmosphere or simply make a bonfire. Games such as Hula Hoop Contest, Tug of War, fishing, or blow darts would eat a lot of time and let your guests enjoy the party as well as you do.
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      At last, don’t forget to tell your guests to wear Hawaii Style cloth!