Mother’s Day ideas for Gifts, Quotes, Decorations and Crafts for Kids! 2024
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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day ideas for Gifts, Quotes, Decorations and Crafts for Kids! 2024

Here comes to our annual mother’s day! Mother's Day is a great opportunity for you to show her how much you’ve missed her and how much you’ve appreciated her present in your life. We are here to give you various inspirations in terms of Mother’s day gifts giving for different types of moms to celebrate at home! When it comes to gift giving, it is important that you know what type of gifts will win over your mom’s heart. Is she a person that appreciates practical gifts? Or she prefers something more sentimental? Does she think flowers are just as wasteful?


Mother's Day Gifts ideas for Different Types of Moms

Fashion lover

A "Cool Moms Club Sweatshirt" fits wonderfully into the category of personalized or thematic gifts, specifically designed for mothers who appreciate a touch of humor and camaraderie in their wardrobe

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Art Lover 

Personalized Framed Wall Art 

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Mug Lover

The best thing you could ever do on Mother’s day is to get her to laugh! This “Ugly children mom mug” is a perfect personalized gift to make her laugh as well as delivering a heart-warming sentiment. One other thing I like about this mug is that whenever she uses it, it’d remind her that she has an awesome child that thinks about her and loves her, which is much better than sending her a gift that she will potentially throw away few days later.

Ugly Mom Mug 

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Fitness fanatic

If you mom is a fitness fanatic who has a consistent workout routine even during this special time of quarantine. I bet she’d really appreciate some new workout outfits that help her exercise better while entertaining herself visually. With Lululemon, you can NEVER go wrong. Why not invest on a pair of lululemon leggings that will last you for over couple years. With its breathable design, flexible waistband, it turns a simple exercise into a luxurious journey.

 lululemon leggings

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Good for both Reading and Entertainment

The iPad mini 6 is excellent for reading is its compact size and lightweight design. However, weight is perhaps the most crucial aspect. The weight is distributed evenly across the whole device, too, which means you can comfortably hold it for hours without your arm getting tired.

It's also small enough to keep on your nightstand or take on the go in a bag or even in your jacket pocket. That added portability makes it a better pick than any other iPad for reading, whether you want to take it on your next flight or carry it daily on your commute. 

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Quotes to Write in a Mother's Day Card

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If you're stuck thinking about what to write in the Mother's Day Card, then borrowing someone else's and getting some inspiration maybe a good idea. Here are some of the best, most beautiful and touching quotes from all sorts of people, ideal for adding a little sparkle to your Mother's Day card.

Quotes from Celebrity

"My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it." – Mark Twain
_____________ _____________ _____________
“You are the person I look up to most, when I am about to shatter. I think of your strength and harden. I think you are a magician, I want to fill the rest of your life with ease. You are the hero of heroes, the god of gods.” – Rupi Kaur.
“Don’t poets know it better than others? God can’t always be everywhere: and, so, invented mothers.” – Sir Edwin Arnold.
“It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?” – Mahatma Gandhi.
“Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Touching Words

There is just one person in this world which inspires me, protects me, loves me and cares for me without any conditions. To that one person, I wish a very Happy Mother’s Day.
I would not have been the same person had you not been my mother. Thanks for making me a successful and responsible person. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day.
Thanks for all the sacrifices you have made for me and for all the goodness and blessings you have showered me with. Happy Mother’s Day to you mom.
Whatever I am today, it is all your hard work and dedication that you have put into raising me. With all my heart, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day mom.
Having you as my mom has been the most special blessing from God. I wish you always stay healthy, happy and smiling. Happy Mother’s Day to you mom.

Funny Wishes

May you have an incredible Mother’s Day and get as much quiet time as you need. Shhhhh.
Your cooking skills were second to none. How come I didn’t inherit those? Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Decorations Ideas

If your mom is an extrovert and enjoys being surrounded by people, I’d assume your mom has been missing holding parties in the house. Throw a Mother’s Day party for her with the “Best Mom Ever” or “World’s Best Mom” banner. A simple surprise could make an unforgettable memory in her life!

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Mommy is My Bestie Banner Happy Mothers Day Decorations Mom I love you Sign mothers day gift from daughter image 1

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Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

Finding a unique and wonderful gift to celebrate your mom every year can be hard. You can never go wrong with a homemade treat. Especially if it’s something YOU made just for her!


These Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids make fantastic homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas! Kid-made DIY Mother’s Day gifts are the best! Make these cute Mother’s Day kids crafts to celebrate your favorite Mom!

Mother's Day Mason Jar Votive Craft For Kids



DIY Mother's Day Cookies 

Recipes for Mother's Day

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mothers day homemade cookie

Photo Credit to: Melissa

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