Party Ideas for Mom’s 60th Birthday

Party Ideas for Mom’s 60th Birthday

Mother is the person loves you the most in the world. She brought you to this world; she thought you how to live in the world; she prepared your birthday party for you to make happiness. Now is your turn to bring her the best Birthday Party for her 60th Birthday.


- Invitations

       To prepare a party, first is to make invitations. Not only to invite guests, but plan for invitations also help you to analysis how big is the party will be a how many guests will come.

       Old, solid, mailed invitation is the best way for such serious event. It offers the most respect to your guest, so in return, your guests will pay their best respect to you mom’s birthday party. Don’t worry about your handwriting, make them by yourself, because this is the reason why handmade staff are so expensive.

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- Table Runners

       Don’t want to spend money for rental party table but your tables have different looking? No worry, just find a table runner which suits your party theme and cover those tables up.

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- Florals

       Making florals is not as hard as you think, it is a very interesting thing to try and it will save a lot of money. You can find flowers from local floral wholesaler, flower mart, or even supermarket such as Costco. Looking for flowers with color that suits your party theme and separate them into each vase.

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- Cake

       No birthday party without cake. Choices are also making it by yourself or order it from cake store. This is entirely depending on your sine making cake is not as simply as make florals. Check out cake recipe from internet and give a try, you mother will be so happy if you make a cake for her or for her alone if you are not confident enough.

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- Bar Setup

       Decoration bar is the most fun thing in the preparation of party. Place some snacks, drinks, or favors on top; paste some balloon on the wall aside or on top of bar. Use your imagination, it will be the shining place of your party.

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- Photo Timeline

       Since this party in memory of your mother’s 60 years life, a photo timeline of your mother is the best demonstration. Find a black board or white empty wall, paste some strings on and clips will do the work.

 60th birthday party ideas for mom

       Wish your mother has the best 60th Birthday Party!






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