Perfect Ideas on how to spend Galentine's day with your girls

Perfect Ideas on how to spend Galentine's day with your girls

-Even Leslie Knope would love this Galentine’s Day Party (So do you and your Friends!)

-Are You Ready to celebrate the 2020 Galetine’s Day with your Girls?

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether you’re single or happily taken, you can always have an amazing time celebrating with your friends. Word on the street is that Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about romance. Leslie Knope had the best idea when she came up with Galentine’s Day - the perfect holiday to celebrate the best ladies in your life! Galentine’s Day is traditionally (well, since 2010) celebrated on February 13, or Valentine’s Day Eve Eve. Whether you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, there’s no reason you cannot celebrate the wonderful Galentine’s Day with your girls!

Feeling the love for your close friends this season? Find out how you can take part in the celebration this upcoming Galentine’s Day with your squad!

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1. Throw a Galentine’s party

The best idea to meet up with your besties and have a girls’ night is to have an unforgettable party. Invite them to your house or a private space by making some creative and fun invitations. 

There are tons of activities you and your friends can do during the party time. A karaoke party is perfect to sing your heart out. We even couldn’t think of a better way to start off your Galentine’s Day than by belting out a few tunes with your favorite ladies. Lastly, don’t forget to decorate your house with those beautiful balloons and flowers and take a million photos with fun props, and you will have lots of Instagram-worthy shots to remember the fun night. 

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2. Host a delicious bake-off 

Imagine standing with your besties and making those cute and tasty cookies with names of each other on it, isn’t it adorable? Invite your friend to your house and host a bake-off to see who can get the most creative in the kitchen!

3. Take on a short trip with your gals

You don’t have to spend your time inside the room. Take a day trip can also be extremely fun. If you live on the coast, host your Galentine’s Day gathering at the beach. Make sure you bring your favorite beach bag, a pair of sunglasses, and water. If you don’t live near the beach, you can go for a hike, explore some cities or towns nearby or simply walk around your city. It is always a good time when you stay with your friend, no matter what you do or where you go.

4. Don’t forget to exchange gifts with your friends

No matter what activities you plan for the Galetine’s Day, preparing small gifts for your friends that are truly special. It doesn’t need to be very expensive, but something your friends will like. Some great Galetine’s Day gifts include candles, custom candy hearts, and friendship bracelets. 

We hope this blog post inspires you to make time for your girls. After all, it’s your day together – celebrate it in a way that celebrates what you mean to each other!