Thanksgiving 2022: Simple ideas to decorate your celebration
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Thanksgiving 2022: Simple ideas to decorate your celebration

The day to give thanks for the harvest and loads of blessings from last year is right around the corner, because it’s almost November! Thanksgiving happens annually but only for one day, and if something happens only once for every twelve months, you have to make the best of it. The question is: have you prepared?

Please don’t tell us you’re just going to put a turkey on the table. Even the turkey would be sad if it doesn’t see a balloon.

But since PartyEight doesn’t want gloomy faces on a special occasion, we are here to give you simple but creative decoration ideas to celebrate your Thanksgiving!

Banners never get old

Oh My Gourd Banner  Fall Themed Party Decorations  Pumpkin Gold


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First things first: put on some banners. You can use balloons like these, or you can create your own if you like. A celebration would be more heart-felt if you can see the occasion, right? You can put one in your kitchen or living room, and it will also serve as a background for a photoshoot!

Personalized Banners

 PartyEight allows you to customize the letters for your balloon banner, just like this one!

Themed Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving is already a theme, but if you want to make another theme under it, we have the decorations for you! An example here is the “#Friendsgiving” - I smell beers!

Happy Friendsgiving Banner  Thanksgiving Fall Decor  Whole Set

Balloons again, but make it autumn

 Fall Themed Party Decorations Balloons  Thanksgiving Whole Set

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Fall Baby Shower Balloon Arch  Little Pumpkin Balloon Garland image 1

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Autumn leaves have always been around Thanksgiving celebrations, but instead of sticking to the traditional leaves, you can use autumn colored balloons instead! You can:

have them outside your doorstep so your visitors can easily distinguish your house, or;

→ put them inside to make a simple but aesthetically pleasing view for your family and your guests.


Always choose to be different. Choose our balloons!

Add a little flame (only a little)

Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Favors  Fall Baby Shower Candles  image 2


Candles provide light and fragrance, and it would be best to choose a scent that is not too strong especially if you will put it on the table. Sandalwood is one of those scents that will soothe your mood and are perfect for a relaxing Thanksgiving dinner.


Pumpkins are not only for Halloween

Felt Pumpkins  Fall Felt Pumpkins  Fall Thanksgiving image 2

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Check out these pumpkins! They’re not your conventional orange ones, these are pastel colored and are definitely pleasing to the eyes! And they are made of fabric so you can use them again whenever you need a pumpkin for your concept.


A runner on a table

Thanksgiving Turkey Table Runner 13 x 72 Rustic Harvest Table image 1

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Decorate your table not only with food, but also with Thanksgiving themed table accessories! You have the freedom to be extravagant in choosing the designs and colors, or to be a minimalist and want something simple. Here is a lightly designed table runner that you would love!


A turkey, but a planter

Turkey planter image 5

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Turkeys really scream Thanksgiving without saying anything, which is why this planter is an absolute perfection. Your guests would be surprised where you're getting these ideas and would probably think you're brilliant for having two turkeys (or more, who knows how many you’d want to get).


A turkey to hold your utensils

 KIT Thanksgiving Turkey Utensil Holder / Kids Table Place image 1

Buy Turkey Utensil Holder by ItsWrittenOnTheWall

If you don’t like the turkey planter and you think it’s too extra, well at least let it hold your spoon and fork! This is a simple but fun cutlery holder for Thanksgiving, especially if you have kids and visitors going to your place. Trust us, they will notice this one and be like “Aw, this is so cute!”


Fall leaf decals

 Autumnal leaves window stickers Autumn leaves window sticker image 1

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An easy way to decorate your windows or glass doors is using some of these fall leaf decals to attract that Thanksgiving vibe! You can buy them in stores like these ones.

But if you really think buying these will hurt your pockets, just grab some:

(1) Double sided foam tape. But be careful as this leaves stickiness on the surface and;

(2) Print some pictures of fall leaves. You can stick them into an old folder for a harder material then voila! Be careful not to put too much tape though, as it may be hard to clean the stickiness from the glass after.

Do not forget


To be happy! Happiness cannot be missing on Thanksgiving because it is a day to get together with your family, loved ones, and friends. Although, remember to take precautions because of the pandemic in order to keep each other safe.

We hope you enjoyed this short and informative blog for you. After all, it’s all about the fun and PartyEight makes that possible!


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