The Best Golden 50th Birthday Decorations

Five decades...someone’s turning 50! This is so exciting to plan and prepare because the 50th birthday is also the Golden Jubilee Year, which means it’s very special. And that is why we are here to help you drizzle drazzle someone’s 50th with our ultimate guide to the decorations you need! Prepare yourselves because you are about to see a lot of gold.


Shimmering Backdrop Streamer

In order to make the venue attractive for the party, we need to add a backdrop where the celebrant would usually be at. This is where you would take photos which is a must for the memories and as a bonding moment with the best people.



Streamer Backdrop Available in 3 Colors

Awesome Balloon Banners


Let the people know what’s up with the day by putting some awesome but simple balloon banners like these ones! We have a lot of fun banner suggestions for you that will surely step up your birthday celebration.



If you would love to see more, click here.

Cute Cake Topper

A good addition for a 50th birthday celebration is a customizable cake topper. If you’re in for a minimal party, a cake would still be present in there. So this one is another way to really tell the people that it’s a Golden Jubilee Celebration!


Customizable Cake Topper

Fun Accessories for the Celebrant

And add fun on your birthday with some cute props like these. Remember, nobody is ever too old to be extra, especially on your day. We found some cute things you can wear on your photoshoot at the end of the party that would surely make you smile when you look back at your photos.


Balloons for the Ambiance

Aside from having a balloon backdrop with your streamer, having balloons in other parts of the place also completes the party vibe. Seriously, you already know that! A party will never be complete without balloons.


The last but definitely not the least


Have fun! Reaching 50 itself is a gift, so do not forget to make the best of it. You're still young if you want yourself to be.


Until next time.