The Best New Year Decorations to Welcome 2022
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The Best New Year Decorations to Welcome 2022

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you have survived 2021. Maybe this is the time where you are worrying about your New Year decorations, but that is better than worrying because of the COVID, right? And the difference is, we’re here to help you welcome the new year with an awesome party!


Before anything else, be safe.

Of course, you have to consider the safety of your family and the visitors you will have. Give them access to alcohol or sanitizers in your house so they can use it when they feel the need to. And don’t forget to sanitize the things that would come from outside; it’s better to celebrate safely. 

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NYE Wall Decorations

You have to know what you want for your party to look like. If you would want a theme, then you can start planning on what are the available decorations that can fit and where to find them. We recommend checking out PartyEight to find great decoration ideas. But if you just want a simple background that goes for anything, then here are some of our awesome suggestions!


These are perfect balloon banners to celebrate your success for surviving this year. Now you’re ready to take on another year no matter what it takes!


You may also put this streamer backdrop on your wall to sweeten the view! Don’t be afraid to be extra this year, it will only happen once.

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Balloon - up your door

One of the best ways to welcome the New Year Party vibe is to stick balloons on your doorway. Of course, wwe are NOT just going to stick the balloons, we’re going to make a beautiful balloon garland! And don’t worry, it’s EASIER than it looks.

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We have provided a comprehensive tutorial that you can watch with your kids. Making a balloon garland can also be a bonding moment mixed with creativity.

This is a tutorial meant for beginners meaning, you don’t have to be a party expert to do it; all you need is the will to decorate and make your party look memorable!


Indoor fireworks


What is a New Year Celebration without fireworks? It’s like a cake without an icing! If you’re worried that fireworks might not be allowed in your area, or you may not be allowed to celebrate outdoors due to the pandemic, then these lights should save you. These lights are remote controlled and they twinkle! They are perfect for any place, and they can also be used in different celebrations meaning, you won’t be wasting money when you buy them.


A sea of balloons

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“Balloons again?” Well, it IS a party. Plus, you need a good place to take your photos! These confetti balloons are great to use, but you can always choose whatever style you would want.

New Year photoshoot must haves


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Since we’ve mentioned photoshoot, you need props! Create pictures that would make you smile one day once you see it, and remember how crazy but fun this year was. You also need a proof of survival!


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Cutlery to fill your belly

2022 Cookie Cutter

Y’all shouldn’t forget to eat during parties, we don’t want you to faint because of hunger before midnight. We found this for you especially if you don’t like washing the dishes!


Decorate and play

 Don’t bore yourselves out just by waiting for midnight to arrive. Do some fun games while waiting for the new year! Here’s a classic but full of never-ending fun piñatas. We are SO sure you would like to hit this one!



New Year tablecloth


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If you really want your home to shout “Happy New Year” by itself, then add this one to the collection. Whether you’re celebrating inside your home or in your backyard, you need a table to put your food. Just try to imagine your dad cooking barbeque, and your mom preparing the table, while the kids are playing around trying to hit the piñata above; perfect.