The Ultimate Guide to Bachelor Party Planning and Decorations
Party decoration

The Ultimate Guide to Bachelor Party Planning and Decorations

First of all, a huge congratulations to the bachelor reading this; you’re on your way to another life. But before you become welcomed in your responsibilities (ehem, husband duties), we’re going to help you throw a memorable bachelor’s party! Let’s turn the feast mode on and celebrate the day like you 're still in high school.


Choose your theme and venue

The theme and venue often come together, and the first one determines the latter. Be sure that the theme you would pick is something that you really like. If you're a sporty guy, having your party in a golf course or even in a field would be choices to consider.


Bachelor Party In a Golf Course

Photo is from The Plunge


Pool parties may be fun too. The point is, be where you believe you would have the best time!


Secure your invitations

A lot of us would probably just text our friends about a party, then done! Invitation sent. But it would be nice to be a bit formal since this is a very important event in a guy’s life. Here is an example of a simple and fun invitation you can send to your friends and family!


Party Invitations

Give life to the party through awesome balloon banners

I’m begging you, don’t let your bachelor party be plain. It only happens once, so make the best of it and be extra! Here are some of the decorations that would fit into ANY theme (yes, any).


"Team Groom" Balloon Banner


"Same Penis Forever" Balloon Banner


"Congrats" with Customizable Name Balloon Banner


These are just some of the balloon banners that you can display. They are fun and they can be your background in taking photos!



Add a bit of ambiance to your venue


Add some streamer backdrop together with the balloon banners above to have that party vibe. Again, this is also great for photos which you would want to take to keep the memories.


Streamer Backdrop (available In 3 colors)

Guys love beer? We know!


Let’s face it: probably half, if not all bachelor parties, come down to drinking and being wasted. We have no problem with that (be wise though), which is why we have these balloons molded into different drinks! This is so fun to have and I guarantee that they will be worth it.


Different Drink Balloons

Beer essentials

Again with the drinks! But guess what? You can’t drink without a cup. Check these bachelor party cups that would make you drink thrice and get wasted!


Beer Cups

Dress up the groom

Be sassy, be extra. Let everybody know that you’re the groom and you’re the host of this hell of a party!


Groom Sash

Don’t bore yourselves, do some games!

Aside from telling each other stories on the table, recalling your best memories back in the year who-knows-what, it would be fun to add some games after. Spin the bottle and card games will never get old and hit differently when you’re adults in a bachelor party!


Barbuzzo Spin the Bottle


 Bachelor Party Scartch-Off Cards

Souvenirs for the solid ones

Ah, of course. Never forget to give your guests (which I assume, are the closest ones to you) a remembrance of this crazy but fun event. Simple things will do, but it would be better to give them something useful as well. This survival card is a great choice; it can open a beer, can be a screwdriver or butterfly wrench, ruler, and it even has a knife edge and a saw blade!


11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Card

Don’t forget to have fun

Seriously, this is the most important. Have a great time with the best people in your life before you go into another realm to start again. Decorations can amplify the fun, but if you think you and the guys would still be okay without it, then it’s still your choice. We wish you a happy party!


Until next time.