Top Marriage Proposal Ideas At Home

According to a survey about the question “How did your actual proposal turn out?”

38% of newly-engaged couples said “even better than I imagined.”

36% of newly-engaged couples said “not exactly what I had imagined, but still wonderful.”


I bet you want one of your most important moments in your life to be memorable and fantastic.

Most people feel more comfortable to be proposed in a private space with just the couple, or have close family or friends around, to avoid the awkward situation to be proposed aside by a bunch of strangers watching you.

Here we are offering you some useful proposal tips for a surprise house-proposing party!

  1. First of all, you want to keep your proposal a surprise. Inform all friends and families that this is a surprise party and walk them through the process that’s going to work out. Do a rehearsal if you can to avoid any accidents happening. I’m sure you don’t want that.
  2. Tell your future fiancée that you are going to hold a regular house party on a Saturday night with all your closest friends over.
  3. Remind her to dress up a little bit. You sure want both of you to look good for this remarkable moment.
  4. Have your party well-decorated with some romantic and fancy balloon kit, with some food, cake, desserts or champaign on the side. These are really important for your party to look like elaborately planned. These are also evidences that she could show off on social media to share this unforgettable moment!
  5. Set the mood with music. Find a few romantic songs can really set the tone for a great proposal.


If you are interested in decorating for a proposal party, check out this tutorial underneath. We are teaching you step by step into your way to altar.  





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Congratulations for marrying a beauty!!!

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