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Unique Winter Themed 1st Birthday Party Decoration ideas for 2022!

Unique Winter Themed 1st Birthday Party Decoration ideas for 2022!

The cool breeze of winter has a special place in everybody’s heart. The snowy surrounding and twinkling stars give pleasure to the eyes. Similarly, the winter theme birthday party will give the vibe and happiness of the loveable season at your home. So, you will have to get your house ready for the winter fun with snowflakes, lights and many more freezing decorations. Thus, it is time to pen down the list of items required to have the Frost Winter-themed Birthday Bash and for which below are some fabulous and elegant ideas for decoration.


Handmade Mason Jar Gift

To make a mason jar gift, you will need smooth sided mason jars, snowflake stamps,  paints and paintbrushes. Now paint the jar with blue or black color to give the look of a winter night and use white color to use the snowflake stamp. You can also make dots to resemble snow falling and tie small bells or balls using thread on the rim. Lastly, put candles, string lights, chocolates or bathing salt in the jar and give them to your loved ones as return gifts for your birthday celebration.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Winter theme Cookies

Source: Pinterest

Every theme party should have treats that compliment the decorations. The best choice is to have winter theme cookies. Bake cookies with your favorite flavors and use different winter theme cookie cutters and stamps for fun. You can use the imprint of happy birthday, woolen caps, winter wonderland and many more as per your liking. Then, each of your guests will at least have a glance at the yummy cookies to know what is written on them. The taste and the look of the cookies will reach the heart of your loved ones.

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Snowflake Décor

The snowflakes resemble the snow and the stars of the winter. The snowflake balloon will look so good on the walls and on the table that you won’t be able to take your eyes away from it. The white or blue color snowflake with silver or white pattern will be the standing out feature of the party. These balloons will add charm to any winter theme party. Moreover, it will be a good prop for the photo booth. Thus, the balloons will be a two in one décor and make your work effortless.

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Christmas Snowflake Photo Backdrop  Snowflake Streamer Fringe image 1

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Balloon Banner

The walls and doors of your house should have some chilling words. The balloon banner will create a fun ride in the residence with its messages and structures. The images like snowflakes, reindeers, ice cream and others will appear so adorable that your guests will appreciate your decorations. These balloons can be essential even during Christmas and new year parties. Other than the walls and doors, you can stick them on the staircase railing or in the bushes and trees in your garden to make your surroundings ready. So, it is time to get one of them.

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1st Birthday Special Decorations

Are you planning to celebrate the first birthday of your little one? Then here are some ideas for choosing a winter themed 1st birthday Balloon. The balloon banners with freezing words will indicate the one-year-old in the cutest way. It will help you create the most memorable pictures with your kid to remember throughout your life. Moreover, it will be a good background while cutting the cake. Even your baby will enjoy playing with it, and you will get a chance to capture sweet photographs.

Christmas theme 1st birthday Balloon Garland kit  Friendsmas image 1

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Onederland Theme Balloon

Winter wonderland is a dream for all children because of its beauty and creativity. At the first birth anniversary of the child, you can get the Winter onederland banner that will match up the theme of the wonderland and indicate the 1st birthday. The frost balloon poster will work as a lovely backdrop for the photo corner and center of the party hall where you will be cutting the cake. The captivating balloons with freezing structures will add more affection to the party. 

Winter 1st Birthday  Winter Onederland Balloon Banner  First Whole Set

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DIY Scarf Wreath

A winter theme decoration without a wreath cannot be complete. So, at this winter themed birthday party, make a beautiful scarf wreath and showcase your love for the guest of honor with your creativity. You will need knitted scarfs, pins, a wreath ring and other decorative items as per your imagination. Take a wreath ring and cover it with a scarf using duct tape or several pins. Then, you can sew snowman ornaments, snowflakes or more on the scarf wreath according to your creativity. Here, your beautiful winter scarf wreath is ready.  Later you can hang it on the door.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Snowflake Garland

Can you imagine a winter celebration without snow? Of course, the answer will be no, so you need to create a snowing effect in your home. The best choice for this is to have a snowflake garland. The hanging loop will decorate the walls, window, stairs and the center table. You can wrap them around the trees to have the resemblance of snowy water droplets on the greenery. It will be a perfect decorum for the birthday celebrations and to have a more realistic decoration.

Winter Onederland balloon arch DIY kit  1st birthday Party image 1

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Winter Backdrop

A photo booth is a must for any party celebration as everybody looks forward to getting the best picture of the day through group photographs or selfies. The effortless way to have a photo corner is to use a backdrop. In your case, you can get a winter theme backdrop that will match your requirement. The backcloth with snow, snowman or snowflake props will be an add on for the day. The funny and beautiful pictures will bring joy to the party.

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Snowflake Dinnerware

The winter theme birthday party should have some stunning snowflake dinner wares that will help you decorate the dining area. You can serve your delicious treats and impress your friends and family. The dinner set of big and small plates and napkins will help to enjoy the feast elegantly. Moreover, it will match the winter theme with its snowflake design. You can even stick hanging swirls and snowflake confetti on the dining table to make it more eye-catchy.

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Birthday Cake

A birthday party without a cake is impossible to imagine, especially at a theme party. You can have the most glamorous to adorable customised cake for the winter theme birthday celebrations. Then, the custom-made cake will act as the beautiful centrepiece for the table.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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