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How to install the LED BOBO BALLOON?

How to install the LED BOBO BALLOON?

Tired of traditional colorful balloons?¬†ūü§óWe got high-quality transparent LED balloons, you‚Äôll like these cute, shining things. No matter you are preparing to your other half, or you're planning to throw an amazing and special event for your beloved family. This Balloon will absolutely shine your party.¬†ūüėĀūüéČ

We now also have many new decoration kits for your next party. Below is instruction video that guides you to use our LED Balloons. If there is anything not clear enough, please send a message to us. We will solve your problems. 

1) Pull the balloon in the horizontal direction

2) Pull the balloon in the vertical direction

3) Use the helium tank or a pump to inflate the balloon through the gas inlet (Please note that the inflatable range is around 18 inch)

4) Twist and rotate the gas inlet of the balloon

5) Tie a knot in the gas inlet

6) Wrap the LED string light around the balloon

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