What movies should watch on family movie night or family party?

What movies should watch on family movie night or family party?

Family movie night is a great tradition for families who obsessed with movies. Even your family prefer the outdoor activities, movie night is still a good way to keep families together and get happy memories. Now Let's see some wonderful movies that family should watch together, especially you have kids at home. 

The pursuit of Happiness 

Don't say you never watched this classic movie. If you are, go see this movie now!!!Will Smith played “ Chris”. he works hard more than anyone else ,his son is power of him. He believes Happiness will knock their door.

Big Fish 


A beautiful fairy tale about family, the movie represents a father that eager to get understanding and love of his son.


Rain Man 

Old movie, acted by Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. This movie is about emotion between brothers. Older brother is retarded, but family remains closed.

We bought a Zoo

An abandoned zoo makes a single-parent family went to a way to happiness.

The lovely bones

Daughter being killed cruelly, the process of father finding murders is touching.


After seeing these movies, I believe every one of us will get the real meaning of family.Hope you and your family has a great weekend!!