11 Christmas Decoration Ideas: Spice Up Your Holidays

11 Christmas Decoration Ideas: Spice Up Your Holidays

The kids are singing and the lights are blinking, Christmas is near and the reindeers are flying - it's decorating season!

We have provided ideas for you to go out of the box for this year’s most awaited celebration, but don’t worry; creativity does not need to be difficult. Scroll ahead to see some BOMB decorations, all of them listed in this blog.

Christmas balloon garland

This photo is from the Pinterest of tether&float.co.uk


Aside from the usual garlands and Christmas trees you would always see during December, try adding a twist and create a garland made from balloons. You can put it at the entrance of your house, or just simply place it up on your walls inside. This is very easy and there are tutorials all over the internet world, but we are going to give you one, made by yours truly:


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Here are the tools you will need that have been mentioned in the video; they come in a package so it won’t hurt your pockets! The package includes a balloon pump, balloon chain, balloon string, and a glue dot.


Christmas lantern


If you have a kid who loves to be the one to put the star on top of the tree, we are sure that you all will love a star lantern that has lights as well. This is not very common to see which why you should try it this year! Who knows, maybe your neighbors will love it too and remember you by it.

If you want to make your own Christmas lantern, no problem! You still have a lot of time to be creative, so click this tutorial we found to assist you: Christmas Lantern DIY

Let's get iconic


Ho ho ho! Santa will not visit you if you don't change how you roll! So pack those usual decorations out of the way and get these iconic balloons for 2020; there are a variety of designs so you would have the freedom to choose what you please.



We bet you sang this one!

Don't forget to share some blessings


In some cultures, kids go from house to house to ask for Christmas "blessings," which can be money or candies. You can also incorporate this by putting just a small basket outside with what you want for the kids to have, chocolate bars for example. You can also put a sign that they can freely grab a candy or two!


COVID Christmas? Not a problem


We all want to be safe, especially when it comes to our loved ones. But we also want to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. And that's why, my friends, we have a solution for you: a Christmas-themed face mask! This is great for everyday use to maintain protection between you and your family. BUT please keep in mind that it is not medical-grade (not meant for medical use).

Light them up


What's a Christmas without lights? Honestly, we can't picture it. Which is why we added these LED lights to complete the set! The good thing is, you don't get to use this only for December; you can use this as a decoration in your house, especially in your room, anytime. We love items that are worth the money!


The classic wreath


"You said be unique? Everyone has wreaths!"

Yes, we that know everyone has wreaths. But it's a Christmas symbol that attracts the season's vibe, so we included it. What you have to do is, choose a wreath design that is a little bit different, like this one. Or if you would really want to have your OWN style, you can check this tutorial we found to serve as a guide for making your wreath's base: DIY Wreath Forms


Fluffy white snow with a carrot nose

If you don't want your kids to go out because you are worried about their safety, at least give them a snowman balloon! Snowman is a symbol of Christmas, that's is why we included this cute balloon here! You can give them to the children or stick them inside your home for a decoration. We have other options for you to choose from:


Do not forget the cookies


You thought we forgot? Of course not! Cookies are some of the spirits of Christmas. But instead of the classic round cookies, we have some adorable cookie cutters perfect for this holiday's designs. Imagine serving chocolate-chip goodies in the shape of a Christmas tree; children will be happy!


Decorate your home with a gnome


We found something for you, and we almost didn't want to share it: Gnome Lights with a timer. If you don't look at this with even the slightest of smile, then you have no taste for decorations; just kidding. These gnomes are adorable for your living room, and we are sure your visitors would like them and ask, "Where in the world did you get these?"


Pastel Christmas? Big yes.

This photo is from sugarandcloth.com

Nothing could ever go wrong with pastel, and that includes Christmas. If you aim for a decoration with a modern touch, then this is definitely the way to do it. We found some pastel miniature trees and flowers for you to start with the look:





These are the ten Christmas decoration ideas that we hope helped in making up your mind on what to do for this epic season! We highly encourage you to explore:


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