Easy Dog Birthday Decorations That Show Love!
Dog Birthday

Easy Dog Birthday Decorations That Show Love!

Trying to think of ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday can be tricky, especially if you do not have the time to think. This is especially so if you intend to decorate the venue so as to beautify it. We have done the work for you as we have scoured the internet to find out some of the best dog birthday party decorations that you can purchase.


Dog birthday party decorations Ideas

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If you are hosting a big party, there is nothing more apt then using the Lets Pawty balloons. Of course, it is deliberately spelt as Pawty since the party itself is catered to your dog. There are 3 colours available to these non-floating balloons. When put on the wall, it makes the perfect backdrop for a nice picture of your dog!

If you think it is too plain, add in a floating balloon of a dog by purchasing this set instead. The cute smiling dog will surely be one of the most popular places for a wefie or selfie!


"Woof" dog birthday decoration balloon banner

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Of course, when it comes to dog birthday party decorations, how can we not be tempted to purchase the Woof balloons? It doesn’t make sense to have a woofalicious time without the words woof, right?


"Yappy Birthday" dog birthday decoration balloon banner

If you find that the above is too cliché, then you can consider purchasing the Yappy Birthday foil letter set, which comes with a balloon of a dog wearing a party hat too. This is perfect if your dog is either a beagle, Chihuahua or other breeds that barks a lot (and hence Yappy Birthday).


"Pup Pup Hooray" dog birthday decoration balloon banner

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Now, while most of the dog birthday celebration decorations are catered to adult dogs, what happens if you are intending to celebrate your puppy’s birthday? One of the best puppy birthday party decorations is the Pup Pup Hooray foil letters.

This simple looking balloon is perfect, since it is really a celebration of life ever since the puppy came into your life, and hence the wordings is a clear reflection of the celebratory nature of the party!


"Fur Ever Young" dog birthday decoration balloon banner

It is a common knowledge that most abandoned dogs are actually adult dogs. A reason for this is because some owners simply cannot take care of adult dogs as they might have developed complications that are not present in the dog’s younger age. As such, most owners would wish for their dog to remain young forever.

And what is more fitting to this occasion than the Fur Ever Young balloon letters? We owners always wish for our dogs to live with us forever, and this set of balloon will perhaps be the best wishes that we can ever give to our puppy, making it one of our best sellers for puppy birthday party decorations.


As you can see there are many different decorations that you can purchase for your dog’s birthday party. The most important consideration will be the theme for the birthday celebration itself, as the decoration that you choose should be heavily influenced by it.

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